Why White Label Lawyer Marketing Services Are So Popular

April 12 , 2022 | BY Matthew Stark

white label lawyer marketing

As someone who does lawyer marketing for a living, you get called in when people need to reach audiences and grow businesses. You already know that, as a rule, it’s good to have the pros do their thing — you’re among those pros.

The same rule applies to marketer-to-marketer situations. White label lawyer marketing services are going to solve a lot of your specialty marketing problems. We offer:

  • A full range of law firm marketing services that fit your needs
  • Flexible contracts for everything from one job to ongoing orders
  • Reasonable prices and exceptional quality
  • A proprietary, national-scale, law-specific data set that informs our in-house strategic and tactical decisions

We’ve seen it again and again here at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing. Our services improve results for other agencies’ law-firm and attorney clients. We have a wide variety of white-label lawyer marketing clients:

  • Smaller or younger businesses taking on an important new client
  • Established marketers managing their account portfolios
  • Growing agencies expanding into attorney marketing
  • Agencies seeking to hone their strategy for law-firm clients
  • Companies interested in maintaining ethical compliance and reducing risk for everyone involved

Does any of that sound familiar? Feel free to contact us directly at (888)590-9687. Otherwise, read on for more reasons you should reach out.

Not Having To Do It Yourself

One of the most common reasons that our agency clients look us up is that they simply want someone else to handle the job. This is a popular reason for smaller firms or solo marketers.

Anyone who runs a small business knows that even if you want to do everything yourself — even if you have all of the skill, knowledge, and energy to do so — there’s never enough time. As a leader of a team or a business, our clients make the decision that their time is worth more concentrating on other things.

Some use the extra time to refocus on growing their business. Others double down on their core services. At the end of the day, many of our clients choose us because they need to free up time and they know they can trust us to do a good job. 

If and when you have some more time on your hands, rest assured you will never be locked into a long-term contract for a service that you no longer really need. Our individualized, highly flexible approach to white-label services ensures that you can get what you need when you need it — nothing more and nothing less. 

Lowering Costs

We have a dedicated team, similar to most marketing agencies with a very specific focus. This allows us to offer our specialized services at a lower price than you can offer in-house.

It’s the economy of scale. We have the training, resources, and workforce necessary to develop strategy, create content, and review performance. And, since legal marketing is our full-time job, we can offer these services on-demand to other firms.

The benefit of our white-label lawyer marketing service is relatively similar to one of the benefits that you offer your clients: cost-effectiveness. Your clients could conceivably have full-time marketing teams within their organizations. One of the reasons they choose you is that you can do it better and cheaper than they could by hiring in-house assistance.

You could have a dedicated legal marketer in your agency. You would need one if you want to offer the type of services that we offer in a white-label capacity. You could also hire us. The main question — and one we might be able to help you answer when you give us a call — is which of those options is a better choice for your business.

Offering a More Complete Range of Services

As we have mentioned several times so far, there are plenty of reasons that other agencies hire us for white label legal content, strategy, and analysis. However, the reason often depends on the exact service in question. 

We offer a full range of business development solutions for law firms, and all of them are available as white-label services for other marketing firms. Here are some examples:

This is most of our services, but it isn’t a complete list. Feel free to give us a call if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Some of our partner agencies have a fair amount of law firms as clients. Some are even dedicated to law firm marketing. They simply made the choice that they would rather contract with us than develop the capacity to offer one of these services themselves.

Having more range can benefit your business in several ways. It can help you get accounts you wouldn’t be able to land otherwise. It can help you optimize a client’s business development budget. Finally, it can help you bring the best possible options to your clients for each of their unique needs.

Supporting a Reputation of Expertise by Accepting Special Requests

Our white-label lawyer marketing services are also popular because they make our clients look like wizards.

People wonder how anyone could have the skill to do so much on such a tight schedule. The secret, of course, is that they’re not doing it all themselves — but the nature of a white label product is that nobody needs to know.

In fact, this helps before clients even retain your agency. By establishing a partnership with us, you get a reliable source for various services if and when you need them. This means you can advertise all those services.

Advertising more options should attract a greater range and higher quality of business to your company. You’ll still have to follow through on your in-house services as normal, but you can safely leave the contracted aspects to us.

As a Google Partner and a nationwide lawyer marketer, we’re used to delivering results while keeping up with changes in complex systems. Our goal is to help you grow, and that means meeting or exceeding the standards you set for yourself — meeting deadlines, surpassing quality benchmarks, maintaining full compliance, and using the latest strategies.

Eliminating Your Bottlenecks

Most of what we’ve talked about up to this point has been reasons that our independent practitioners and small-office law firm marketing clients love using our white-label lawyer marketing services. We also work with well-established firms, usually with large and growing client portfolios.

These firms use many of the same services, but they do so for different reasons. In most cases, it is to eliminate bottlenecks that have been keeping them from meeting deadlines, maintaining quality, or accepting new accounts.

These agencies want to offer speed, quality, and value to their lawyer clients. However, it seems that there’s always something with law offices — some complication that keeps marketers from doing one of these things at scale.

Sometimes the necessary copywriting is more technical than what your content creators are used to producing. Sometimes pay-per-click campaigns need more planning and oversight to be profitable — lawyer keywords are the among the most expensive in the business. Sometimes you need to spend time researching to even understand what it is the attorney does.

All of these complications have the potential to slow you down, lower the quality of your final product, or cause you to go over budget. As dedicated attorney marketers, we are used to delivering great services on time in this complex environment. We can help you do the same.

Expanding the Diversity of Your Client Base

Another reason that white-label lawyer marketing services are so popular is that they help you diversify your client base by adding a perennially profitable and stable profession. This diversity is especially valuable if you already service other types of professionals, such as home contractors, medical service providers, insurers, financial services, or law enforcement. You probably do not need to change much in terms of your overall approach in this case, which lowers your cost of obtaining and retaining law-firm clients.

When you think about it, the law touches every type of commerce and industry. Even if you focus on marketing for food service or retail, there will be lawyers in your network who might need your services. We help you provide the level of service and the results that these attorneys require and expect.

Lowering Risks for Your Clients in a Highly Regulated Profession

Like many highly regulated professions, the law is replete with pitfalls for unwary marketers. This is one of the reasons lawyers hire marketing agencies in the first place.

Ethical concerns vary from one practice area to another. State laws and bar association bylaws also dictate what is and is not appropriate — not to mention the less robust protection for commercial speech offered under the First Amendment.

The bottom line here is that, without understanding the ethical context, you might be causing more problems for your clients than you are solving. That could result in dissatisfied clients and unwanted conflicts.

With white label marketing services, you don’t need to worry about all of this risk and complexity at the beginning. You can offer your clients proven services for their profession while learning the ropes. If you ever decide to take over these processes yourself, you will have a large library of content and other examples for your team to work from. Alternatively, you can contract with us if you just need an extra few team members over the short term. We’re as flexible as you need us to be — call FORWARD Lawyer Marketing at (888)590-9687 today.