May 23 , 2024 | BY admin

Best for Law Firms? Google LSAs or Traditional Google Ads

Choosing the right advertising strategy is crucial for a law firm seeking to enhance its online presence and attract more clients. Two prominent options are Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) and traditional Google Ads. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages…
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September 28 , 2021 | BY admin

Adwords For Lawyers | How To Use PPC To Drive Traffic to Your Law Firm

Reputable and experienced lawyer marketing agencies utilize Google Adwords for lawyers in order to drive traffic and generate leads for their law firm clients while working on SEO. SEO for lawyers is a long-term play and though it is evergreen…
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September 23 , 2020 | BY admin

Why Branded PPC Campaigns for Lawyers And Law Firms Make Sense

PPC For Lawyers Have you ever searched for your firm's name on Google, only to be greeted by a page of irrelevant results? It's an almost universal problem with attorneys online. Most firms do business under a few last names,…
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