November 18 , 2020 | BY admin

How PPC Can Help Drive New Business to Your Divorce Practice

PPC can help drive new business to your divorce practice. Pay-per-click advertising is typically beneficial for businesses in competitive markets. In addition, it's more effective in situations where even a single conversion (from website visitor to customer or client) could…
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September 26 , 2019 | BY admin

Why PPC Is Worth Investing In for Your Law Firm

PPC For Lawyers Chicagoland is a populous metro area with one of the largest court systems in the nation. This is just one example of a competitive geographic region for law firms of all types, there are many similar areas…
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July 10 , 2018 | BY admin

Google AdWords Launches Responsive Ads

Google AdWords, the largest digital marketing service, has finally launched the much-anticipated responsive ads. Now, you can Google AdWords with multiple headlines and two different sets of descriptions. In contrast with non-responsive ads, Google will have multiple versions of the…
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January 3 , 2017 | BY admin

Are Google Call-Only Campaigns Better than PPC for Attorneys?

There isn’t much doubt in Google’s commitment towards mobile, especially after they made the big announcement last year about mobile-friendliness being a major search engine ranking factor. Before Google made the algorithm change, it introduced call-only campaigns geared towards getting…
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