February 11 , 2022 | BY admin

Lead Generation For Lawyers: How to Keep Your Pipeline Full

Lead generation for lawyers is not only an important concern for law firms it is essential to the bottom line to keep potential clients in your lead pipeline. In this post, we will cover various methods of lead generation to…
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November 23 , 2021 | BY admin

PPC For Lawyers | How To Use Google Ads To Increase Law Firm Revenue

Pay Per Click For Law Firms Before you start reading the rest of this article — really learning how to use AdWords to increase law firm revenue would take you a while. Google AdWords, now known as Google Ads (the…
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November 18 , 2020 | BY admin

How PPC Can Help Drive New Business to Your Divorce Practice

PPC can help drive new business to your divorce practice. Pay-per-click advertising is typically beneficial for businesses in competitive markets. In addition, it's more effective in situations where even a single conversion (from website visitor to customer or client) could…
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September 26 , 2019 | BY admin

Why PPC Is Worth Investing In for Your Law Firm

PPC For Lawyers Chicagoland is a populous metro area with one of the largest court systems in the nation. This is just one example of a competitive geographic region for law firms of all types, there are many similar areas…
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