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live chat for lawyersDo you want to get more leads for your law firm? Live chat is the way to go.

The younger clients you’re seeing now in divorce, estate planning, and personal injury don’t always want to pick up the phone right away and call an attorney. People who went to high school in the early 2000s grew up with these instant messaging services — it’s just what they’re used to.

Love it or hate it, texting is now a major point of initial context between attorneys and clients. Getting live chat for your law firm’s website just makes sense.

We provide live chat services for lawyers through a service that caters specifically to attorneys. Further, we use our experience working with law firms across the country to customize our clients’ chat experiences.

Feel free to check it out right now — simply start typing in the chat window that appears on this page. Except for a custom-tailored appearance and interaction, what you see here is exactly what you would get.

Why Do You Need Live Chat Isn’t Facebook Enough?

Facebook has some excellent chat tools. It’s true: Law firm social media management is definitely a major element of online success. Even so, it isn’t everything.

You need live chat on your website for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it works. Additionally, chat messaging has the following advantages:

  • People are familiar with it as a contact channel
  • It caters to different communication styles
  • You do not have to manage it yourself — you do not even have to hire people to respond
  • It can for specific types of cases
  • It gets people to take action
  • Chat services operate at full capacity 24/7
  • Chat users can be tracked and retargeted

The list goes on. Social media provides a valuable lead generation tool, but having your own live chat takes it to a higher level.

How Does Live Chat Work?

Live chat is a versatile mix of lead generation and client intake. From your prospective client’s perspective, a small window appears on your website. The client can then choose to interact with the window, engaging in a conversation with the chat representative.

On the back end, it’s a little more complicated. The chat on your website routes through a third-party service. This service connects your potential client to a live representative that specializes in chat for attorneys. Of course, that only happens if you use a service that specifically caters to lawyers and law firms.

After connecting, the representative interacts with your visitor. There is a screening process to ensure that the person is looking for legal services and, if so, the type of services you offer at your firm.

Contact A Live Attorney Chat Expert At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing Today

At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing, we partner with a live chat firm that has dedicated lawyer marketing services. We have the experience to make all of the extra features work overtime, generating the highest quality leads possible for your firm.

Give us a call today at (888) 590-9687 to get started. Alternatively, feel free to contact us through our chat function — you’ll see firsthand how it all works.

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