Digital Marketing Solutions for Law Firms

FORWARD marketing is a professional digital marketing agency dedicated to advancing the growth of your law firm. With experience working with hundreds of law firms over the years, we have the knowledge, experience, and proven track record to help establish and grow a strong web presence that will help consistently grow your client base.

We provide small and medium-sized law firms a full suite of digital marketing services including but not limited to:

We like to think our approach is a little different than some of our competition. The simple fact is, there are a lot of great companies doing what we do that you have the option to work with. There are also many companies that will promise you the world and disappear once you sign on the dotted line. Our approach includes understanding your business and goals, educating you on the online marketing world, and executing a plan that will help you achieve those goals.


Our initial step when working with a new law firm is having a simple conversation in order to better understand the firm and its goals. By having a grasp on how the business operates, what types of clients you are looking to attract, and where you need to be in order to hit revenue goals, we can help devise a program that will address your business issues and ultimately help increase caseload. If you meet with an agency that doesn’t ask you questions in order to fully understand the firm’s business objectives, how can they possibly identify where opportunity lies? This is a very important step in our process as without a clear understanding of the practice and what you are trying to achieve, we simply cannot begin to think about discussing a strategy.


We feel it is very important to educate our clients on the law firm & digital marketing landscape and the options you have available to you. The fact is our industry is constantly changing and it is our job to stay on top of those trends to better understand what works for your practice areas. By educating you, the client, we feel you have the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision when we provide our recommendation. In addition to educating our clients on the internet marketing landscape, we feel it’s extremely important to set the right expectations. Chances are you have heard from an “internet marketing guy” that has promised front page results on Google resulting in explosive traffic growth in no time. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it probably is, and we pride ourselves in not only implementing customized programs designed to perform but engaging in white hat SEO practices, setting realistic expectations, and getting measurable results.


We are only successful if you are successful. Everything we do is geared toward increasing your visibility online, driving more traffic to your website, and increasing the caseload for the firm. If we cannot execute on these simple initiatives, we have not done our job. This is why we focus on execution and our top priority is generating the firm increased traffic and leads. We monitor keyword rankings and analytics and go over progress each month to ensure we are continually optimizing your results.

FORWARD marketing has worked with many different types of law firms helping them increase inbound leads through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. If you are looking to grow your practice through a strategic marketing program, call us today at (888) 590-9687 to discuss your law firm’s needs.