How PPC Can Help Drive New Business to Your Divorce Practice

The Blog was Posted on Nov 18 2020 by admin
PPC can help drive new business to your divorce practice. Pay-per-click advertising is typically beneficial for businesses in competitive markets. In addition, it’s more effective in situations where even a single conversion (from website visitor to customer or client) could generate a large return. Does that sound familiar? It should. Those two criteria apply to […]

Google LSAs and How They Benefit Your Law Practice

The Blog was Posted on Oct 22 2020 by admin
First things first: LSA stands for Local Services Ads. Google selects businesses to display in a privileged position at the top of search results. Law firms are among the most recently eligible types of businesses. At first, only a few types of law offices could take advantage of LSAs, However, that has changed. Chances are […]

Utilizing WordPress SEO For Law Firms And Lawyers

The Blog was Posted on Oct 22 2020 by admin
Lawyers and law firms face challenging competition in any market. One of the most effective ways to reach new clients is to maximize the potential of the attorney or the law firm website. The best way to do this is by understanding and implementing effective WordPress SEO strategies. WordPress is a user-friendly, relatively easy to […]

Why Branded PPC Campaigns Make Sense for Law Firms

The Blog was Posted on Sep 23 2020 by admin
Have you ever searched for your firm’s name on Google, only to be greeted by a page of irrelevant results? It’s an almost universal problem with attorneys online. Most firms do business under a few last names, such as “Smith, Smith & Jones.” Unless your firm has a totally unique name, people who search for […]

Case Study: Family Law Firm Doubles New Client Retention with SEO & PPC

The Blog was Posted on Sep 15 2020 by admin
A small law firm was able to double the number of new monthly retained clients through a strategic digital marketing strategy implemented by FORWARD marketing. The firm was skeptical about internet marketing, but decided to invest in our strategy after understanding our process and seeing the results we had generated for other law firms in all different areas of practice.  After […]

Operate Your Law Practice Remotely During (and After) the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Blog was Posted on Mar 19 2020 by admin
I hope everyone reading this is safe and well. In the coming weeks, there is a good chance that many of us will take measures to protect our health, possibly including quarantining at home. Some of us may already have done so. With this in mind, I wanted to reach out and share some of […]

What Is an ADA Website and How Can It Help My Law Firm?

The Blog was Posted on Mar 18 2020 by admin
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 gives detailed guidelines on business and government accessibility. An ADA-compliant website would follow these guidelines — a necessity if the law applies to your operation. In terms of business growth, being proactive with web accessibility could increase your exposure, generate referrals, reduce risk and help you compete in […]

5 Advantages of Google My Business (GMB) Optimization for Lawyers

The Blog was Posted on Feb 12 2020 by admin
Google My Business (GMB) supplements your current online presence, specifically in regards to Google’s map and web searches. The program has five main benefits: Insight Exposure Image Interaction Expression These are all important elements of business development for lawyers. Please continue reading for a quick look at how optimizing GMB could advance your practice’s goals […]

Why Semantic Search Matters for SEO

The Blog was Posted on Dec 31 2019 by admin
Semantic search is the dominant search technology today. It finds what people want — which is not always exact phrases typed or spoken into a search engine. To do this, it uses multiple data points on every search. Imagine a website address with a whole web of user data and search terms branching out from […]

Top 5 Things To Consider When Creating Your 2020 Marketing Plan and Budget

The Blog was Posted on Nov 27 2019 by admin
New devices and better artificial intelligence technology are changing the way people find attorneys online. Heading into 2020, here are five concerns you will probably see addressed in the online portion of any competitive law office’s business development plan. 1. The Natural Voice It is no secret people speak differently than they write. Read through […]