Law Firm Marketing: How To Dominate Your Local Market

The Blog was Posted on Apr 20 2021 by admin
Local Marketing
Law firm marketing is all about getting local results to drive traffic to the office and make the phone ring. Unless you’re a national megafirm, you probably want to dominate a distinct territory. That means that your marketing strategy needs to focus on geospecific locations to be effective. You don’t want leads from California if […]

How A Law Firm Digital Marketing Agency Can Get Your Practice More Clients

The Blog was Posted on Apr 13 2021 by admin
Digital Marketing for Law Firms
Digital Marketing For Lawyers Is Competitive Law firm digital marketing is one of the most competitive fields in the internet marketing profession, especially in larger metropolitan areas. Much of the results that a law firm can expect depend upon the size of their marketing budget. Those with larger budgets will see results faster because more […]

Google My Business Optimization And Best Practices Guide

The Blog was Posted on Apr 06 2021 by admin
Google My Business
Many businesses fail to even claim their Google My Business pages and lawyers are no exception, this is a huge mistake. Your Google My Business is basically free advertising from Google. It is like having your own full-color Yellow Pages ad back in the day when they actually worked.  All you have to do is […]

Why Lawyers Should Hire Law Firm Internet Marketing Professionals 

The Blog was Posted on Apr 02 2021 by admin
SEO Services For Lawyers
Law Firm Internet Marketing When beginning to put together a law firm internet marketing plan many lawyers ponder why lawyers should hire law firm internet marketing professionals. Though we will go into many reasons why a law firm should rely on professional internet marketers, the quick answer is yes. You wouldn’t try to give yourself […]

How Do I Optimize Social Media Accounts For My Law Firm?

The Blog was Posted on Mar 23 2021 by admin
Social Media for Law Firms
Social Media Optimization (SMO) plays an instrumental role in a successful law firm online marketing strategy as it provides an effective, yet cost-friendly way to improve online visibility, strengthen the brand, and generate additional leads for your legal practice. SMO is about devising a strategic social media plan to facilitate a better connection with the […]

4 Tips for Developing an Online Review Strategy For Your Law Firm

The Blog was Posted on Mar 20 2021 by admin
If you haven’t done so recently, try opening up another tab in your browser and searching your firm’s name plus the word “reviews”. If you like everything you see, that is an asset you want to grow through focused reputation management. The web isn’t the final word on public perception. However, search engine results are […]

Operate Your Law Practice Remotely During (and After) the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Blog was Posted on Mar 16 2021 by admin
Operating A Law Practice Remotely I hope everyone reading this is safe and well. In the coming weeks, there is a good chance that many of us will take measures to protect our health, possibly including quarantining at home. Some of us may already have done so. With this in mind, I wanted to reach […]

Divorce And Family Law Firm Sees 276% Increase In Organic Traffic

The Blog was Posted on Mar 12 2021 by admin
This client case study is from a divorce and family law firm we have been working with for a little over a year. They have seen a significant increase in traffic from both our SEO efforts and from our taking over the management of their Google Ads campaigns. Baseline Keyword Rankings as of February 1, […]

Personal Injury Law Firm Sees 99% Increase In Organic Traffic

The Blog was Posted on Mar 10 2021 by admin
This case study is for a personal injury law firm we started working with a year ago. When we started they were trying to rank for 75 keywords and only 5 were on the first page, with two on the second page of Google. Now after one year of search engine optimization work, we are […]

Texas Criminal Defense Law Firm Doubles Revenue In One Year

The Blog was Posted on Mar 08 2021 by admin
The case study below is for a Texas criminal defense law practice that is seeing double the monthly revenue monthly from a year ago. We have now been working with is firm for about 18 months and the screenshots below will show you improvements in that time period. The first one below shows initial keywords […]