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Online marketing is a vital form of advertising for all law firms in New York. An excellent lawyer marketing strategy will help your law firm attract people looking for legal services and will increase the odds of conversion.

Follow the lawyer marketing principles highlighted below, including SEO for New York City lawyers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every New York law firm should utilize SEO for lawyers. SEO includes several strategies that help your organization rise in Google search results.

Digital Marketing For Lawyers

The higher the law firm appears, the more likely people will visit your website.

Many law firms understand that SEO is essential. However, there are many aspects to search engine marketing. For example, New York lawyers must include content marketing. This involves creating informative, high-quality content that provides value to your prospects and clients.

You might write informative blog posts about where many car accidents happen in New York City, such as near Central Park, Battery Park, or the Met.

To enjoy ideal results, your New York law firm’s SEO strategy should focus on critical keywords for your business. For example, instead of ‘New York City lawyer,’ focus on ‘child support attorney in Manhattan,’ or ‘truck accident attorney in Brooklyn.’ In addition, focusing on specific city areas and your specialty area increases the chances you will rank for that keyword.

Your law firm may want to outsource SEO services to a contractor. Most New York City law firms lack the marketing professionals to handle SEO fully. Depending on the law firm’s size, SEO and related marketing work can be a full-time job. Outsourcing SEO to a legal marketing company can be a wise move. The marketer stays up to date with current SEO practices and knows how to boost your rank over time.

Excellent Custom Attorney Website

Every competitive New York law firm needs to have an attractive, functional, and intuitive website. However, the time is over when merely having any website was good enough for law firms. These days, law firms that lack a dynamic online presence struggle to find clients. While referrals drive some business, most New York lawyers need leads from digital marketing to survive.

However, many legal websites are still merely a general overview of their legal specialties and a contact form. Therefore, your website should engage visitors with an excellent user experience, including plenty of informative content.

Your website should also be fast to load. A recent study found that bounce rates increase with each second a site needs to load. Think about how long you will wait for a site to load. If it takes seven or eight seconds, will you wait that long? Your company could use innovative tools such as PageSpeed Insights from Google to watch how long it takes each page to load.

New York law firms can boost page loading speeds by decluttering the site. Make images smaller, update website plugins, and make pages simpler to speed things up. Also, remember to make the site mobile-friendly. If the site is hard to view on a cell phone, you will bleed visitors, and they will visit someone else’s site.

SEO Content

How your site looks is critical. But site aesthetics do not make up for lackluster content. SEO content for New York City lawyers is essential. Successful online marketing for lawyers is not just about showing significant settlement and verdict numbers. It is about ensuring your site pages rank highly in Google searches. That primarily comes down to the quality of content on your site.

For example, an online study shows a law firm that went from 73 site visits to 708 visits per month in 18 months by focusing on SEO content and related principles. So that is what SEO legal content can do for your business.

Ensure your law firm or SEO content marketing firm leverages informative content and inserts critical keywords to improve your site’s Google rank. For example, write weekly informative blog posts about common New York City legal questions in your specialty. The more interesting, SEO-optimized content you provide, your site will rank higher. It will not happen overnight, but consistent SEO content work will be rewarded.

The law firm’s SEO strategy also should focus on local SEO. You want to rank highly in Google when people look for Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island lawyers. It is not particularly useful if the site ranks highly for Miami lawyers when the law firm is based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Online studies show that people search Google 93% of the time for local results. Therefore, your law firm should focus on local SEO so you can get into Google’s local map pack. This spot displays the top three listings for the search term that appear in the organic search results.

Social Media

Your law firm needs to utilize social media to build your audience. Social media is not just about staying close to friends and family. It also is important to leverage social media channels to interact with your legal audience.

Effective law firms use social media daily to connect with clients and prospects. Engaging consistently drives traffic to the site and increases legal leads. In addition, clients and potential clients can stay informed on social media on legal questions by following your page.

Social media marketing for lawyers will keep your pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others as engaging as possible. In addition, using social media well can make your company’s other online marketing more effective. For example, your law firm might have the best legal blog posts on your site. But if they do not get read often, it does not do as much good as it could.

An intelligent social marketing method is repurposing popular blog posts on social media pages. For example, say your New York City law firm writes a blog post about a nasty car accident near Yankee Stadium. The blog post details who was at fault for the accident and how the insurance company settled the case. You can boil that blog post down to the basics and mention how to avoid car accidents near Yankee Stadium.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is another effective online marketing strategy for New York lawyers. When a user clicks on a business ad, PPC advertising pays Google or another host. The law firm pays the host for every click. Google is the most popular PPC platform.

An effective PPC campaign allows an attorney to focus on long-tail keywords that are important for your law firm. What does PPC cost? As many lawyers like to say, sometimes, it depends. Ad cost and placement are usually according to the Ad Auction at Google. The search giant uses this to see how relevant and helpful the ad is.

Google’s auction has you bid on relevant keywords for which your law firm wants to appear in search results. The campaign’s cost hinges on the keyword’s popularity and other factors. As a result, some PPC campaigns for New York lawyers can be expensive. However, you can mitigate the costs by:

  • Setting ads to run when people you target are most likely to be online. Also, tailor the ads by income, marital status, and age. For instance, if your New York City Financial District law firm handles high-net-worth clients, you want your ads to focus on older individuals who are likely to have more money.
  • Limit the reach of the ads to particular zip codes in New York City you want to target.
  • Use the exact match feature in Google Ads to micro-target the ad to ensure people not looking for legal services do not click it.
  • Choose ideal keywords that send enough traffic to your site at a price you can afford. For example, bidding on ‘Manhattan attorney’ will be expensive, but ‘Upper East Side alimony lawyer’ may be more reasonable and still get the necessary traffic.

While PPC advertising works, remember that many consumers are wary of ads. Your PPC campaign should be part of an overall digital marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is old-school, but that is not to say it does not work. It does! Email is an effective way for a New York, New York lawyer to find new business. Email marketing keeps your law firm top of mind for your past clients. Law firms do well when they send relevant content by email, and it is especially effective when it is personalized with the prospect’s or client’s name.

Consider implementing a weekly or monthly newsletter to inform your subscribers. Well-written emails with informative legal content effectively connect with past and future clients. For example, this week, they might not need a New York City personal injury lawyer. But your name may pop into their mind if they are in an accident in Columbia Circle in Manhattan. To make sure your emails provide value to the audience, consider these questions:

  • What does the audience want to know about the law?
  • What are common legal questions they ask?
  • What legal information do they look for on Google?
  • How can I solve their legal issues or questions?

Law Firm Case Studies

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Creating a comprehensive lawyer marketing strategy for New York does not need to be overwhelming. However, if you focus on the basics mentioned here – SEO, social media, content marketing, and website design – you have a fantastic start for digital marketing.

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