Common Questions About Lawyer Marketing Services

July 26 , 2021 | BY Matthew Stark

Digital Marketing

Lawyer marketing services are a crucial component of any law firm marketing strategy. In this post, we will address some common questions about lawyer marketing services and why it makes sense to employ an agency that specializes in law firm marketing.

Why Do Lawyers Need Marketing?

The legal profession is one of the most competitive of all, especially in larger metropolitan areas such as Chicago, Dallas, and San Francisco. The most successful law firms utilize professional lawyer marketing services. They know it is well worth the investment to have people that know all aspects of online marketing for attorneys. Few attorneys have the time or the knowledge to perform marketing on their own. This is especially true when you consider all of the different aspects of a comprehensive law firm marketing plan.

How Do You Market A Small Law Firm?

Marketing small law firms can be more difficult than marketing larger firms mainly due to budget constraints. That said, at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing we have had tremendous success marketing small law firms all over the country, even those with relatively new websites. Because lawyer marketing is so competitive, smaller firms have to do more to stand out in search results. It is also crucial to utilize aggressive PPC advertising.

To outrank larger law firms we increase content, use specific long-tail keywords and write pages optimized for their local geographic area. We also add embedded maps with directions to the law firm and upload geotagged images to their websites and their Google My Business pages.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important To Law Firms?

In our society today most people utilize the internet to find a lawyer when they need one, just as they do with most things in their life. Gone are the days when you could just put up billboards and buy Yellow Page ads. Below are the components that a successful law firm digital marketing plan should include:

Google My Business


Google My Business, maps, and more. Proper optimization of Google My Business is crucial for local SEO. For Google My Business we make sure that there is a well-written business description, recommended photos including inside and outside of the law firm and team photos. We also geotag the photos before uploading them to help with local rankings.

We post content to our law firm clients’ GMB pages at the frequency allowed by Google. This helps to increase exposure and ranking not only for GMB pages but also for the law firm’s website. Many of our clients get as many as 200 calls per month just from their Google My Business page.

Website Design

At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing we rewrite, redesign, and perform ground-up construction of custom websites designed for lawyers with content written by legal experts and optimized for mobile. It is also important to use a law firm web designer that is experienced in building websites that meet Google’s Page Experience requirements and their recent Core Web Vitals update.

Law firms with websites that don’t meet these requirements are seeing their rankings plummet. The websites we build and manage for our attorneys regularly outperform their competitors and all are compliant with Google’s requirements.

Believe it or not, Google has actually made an update last year that uses a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This means that if everything else was equal between two websites but one was designed to be mobile-friendly, the mobile-friendly website would rank higher and thus capture more amounts of organic traffic.

Though Google doesn’t reveal how heavily this metric is weighted, every little bit helps with regards to SEO and you simply can’t afford to give your competitors an edge by failing to optimize your website for mobile users.  If you want to see if your website passes Google “Mobile-Friendly” test, click here and enter your website, you may be surprised at what you see.

SEO for lawyers


Search engine optimization for lawyers is essential for long-term, organic growth focused on targeted keyword phrases chosen for their specific area. We use proven SEO techniques, and each campaign is based on personalized strategies for the specific legal practice we are working with. The vision is to make you rank as high as possible for the searches that grow your business the most. In general, the goal of SEO for lawyers is to stand out in a competitive market, driving more organic traffic, and attracting more prospective clients.

We do this by creating quality, optimized content — web pages, blogs, advertising landing pages, and so on — to take your law firm website to the top of Google, Yahoo! And Bing search engine results pages. We write optimized “city pages” for each area that the law firm wishes to rank in. We also optimize each page by writing keyword-rich titles and META descriptions and make sure that images have the appropriate alt tags.


SEO is a long-term play with results taking several months to make effective movements in rankings in most cases.  Due to the fact that few law firms can afford to wait for their website to begin generating cases for them, we use PPC for lawyers to bring in leads and phone calls. We create customized pay-per-click campaigns for targeted advertising to dominate the law firm’s local area and generate qualified leads. Click here to read about a family law firm that increased caseload five-fold in a few months using SEO and PPC.

Call Tracking

What is call tracking for law firms? First and foremost, it’s an accountability tool.

There are several elements to FORWARD Lawyer Marketing call tracking services for lawyers. Here are a few key points:

Call Tracking For Lawyers
  • We use a specific back-end service provider to handle analytics. We highly recommend using this company and can perform migrations, but it is also possible to integrate our campaigns with your existing call tracking system if you want to manage tracking in-house.
  • We audit all calls for quality assurance purposes during our PPC campaigns. This helps optimize campaigns for lower cost-per-click, better client retention, more calls, and higher ROI.
  • We use tracking by default for PPC. We also set up tracking for organic search (SEO call tracking), referrals, direct calls, and so on.

Basically, call tracking gives you a detailed account of each call that comes into your law firm. It also helps you match each call with its corresponding role in your intake process.

Social Media Management

We utilize Facebook and other social media to connect with your clients as well as reach new clients in your demographic. We make regular posts on law firm social media accounts that are informative and timely to help create trust and authority and inform potential clients of information they may find interesting. Social media management for lawyers is very specialized because the information has to be completely factual and accurate.

Our experienced social media management team will create a robust social media marketing campaign to complement your search engine optimization efforts. This will also broaden your name recognition, ultimately increasing the online visibility of your law firm. We target popular platforms such as Google My Business, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter to allow your law firm to increase your word-of-mouth referrals and connect with prospective clients.

We are well-versed and up-to-date with the newest social media networking trends and focus on increasing brand awareness over different platforms. We develop cost-effective strategies and focus on generating potential leads that convert into clients.

Content Marketing

As the saying goes, content is king and regular blog posts are crucial for ranking and being informative to prospective customers. We do continual keyword research and data analysis to write content for law firms that will rank for search terms that will generate new cases. We use search engine optimization tools that give us actual keywords and keyword phrases that potential customers are entering to find their sites. Blogging on a regular basis is a long proven method to increase rankings and increase internal linking.

Content writing for lawyers includes blogs, social media posts, syndicated articles, web pages: In online marketing terms, all of these things are content writing. FORWARD Lawyer Marketing provides personalized, on-brand content writing for lawyers and law firms in all areas of legal practice.

Writing content for the legal profession differs from other types of online content creation. We follow a set of best practices that helps consistently deliver effective, quality writing.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Most people today use reviews to make choices about goods and services and this is especially true for lawyers. We help our attorney clients manage their reputations by monitoring their reviews on their Google My Business pages, Facebook, Yelp, and more. High review ratings are extremely important for lawyers, all things being equal prospective clients are always going to choose the law firm that has higher reviews.

Contact Our Lawyer Marketing Agency

At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing we believe in taking a “leave no stone unturned” approach when it comes to our legal clients. With that in mind, we employ extremely experienced people in the industry. Our SEO Director has been marketing online for well over two decades and oversees all SEO tasks including editing content and performing on-page optimization as well as internal and external linking. Our specialty is law firm marketing and SEO for lawyers at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing, call us at (888) 590-9687 to discuss how we can increase the revenue of your law firm.