Blog Marketing Services For Lawyers

Gone are the days when your law firm’s website was just an internet billboard placed there just in case somebody accidentally stumbled across it.  Today, websites act as online platforms that provide useful, up-to-date information to potential and current clients. For your law firm, your website, and more precisely your blog, it is a chance to show that you have the legal knowledge and competency to provide reliable legal services. Keeping that in mind, FORWARD marketing offers professional blog writing services that are customized according to your practice areas and law firm’s needs. Our blog content for lawyers is well researched and written by legal scholars with law degrees so that you can be confident that it is accurate and professional.

Our Blog Marketing Services

Posting blogs on different legal topics on your law firm website is a very effective way of establishing your credibility and attracting new clients. At FORWARD marketing, we have a team of highly talented individuals who are knowledgeable about the legal industry and always remain up-to-date with the latest law-related updates. Our blog marketing services for lawyers include the following:

  • Structured Content: We create informative blogs that are relevant to your firm’s practice areas. We organize all the blogs by categories, making it easier for visitors to browse through different topics and find the information they are looking for. Moreover, it also gives your website a better chance of getting ranked higher on specific topic areas on search engines. Google ranks specific pages, not entire websites, this is why it is important to write content on specific topics using keyword phrases that your potential clients are searching for.
  • Internal and External Links: We strategically put internal links within the blog content so that it is easier for your visitors to jump right to the relevant service page. For example, if we write a blog post that is speaking on a divorce-related topic for a family law attorney, we would link internally to their divorce page. We also include authentic external links to government and noncompetitive legal agencies’ websites such as to support the information in your blogs.
  • Fresh and Unique Content: Websites that are regularly updated with fresh, unique content get crawled more frequently by search engine spiders, increasing their ranking on search engines. Additionally, your website traffic increases as your clients come back to your website to read new information. Anyone doing business online today needs to understand that they are in the content business today.
  • SEO-Friendly: All your blogs are SEO-friendly, which allows search engines to crawl through your website and rank it higher in SERPs. Our SEO Director has over 20 years of experience in the field so you are getting the best possible results overseen by the most qualified people available.
  • Visitor Interaction: We incorporate a comments section in every blog, where visitors can share their thoughts and interact with you. We also install share buttons of popular social media networks so that you get organic traffic from these platforms as well.

Why Choose our Blog Marketing Services

Nowadays, almost every law firm website has a blog section, and there is a reason for it: blogs are effective. Through blogs, you can share information about the cases you have won, give practical legal tips and advice, and inform your website visitors about recent changes to applicable laws that will allow your potential clients to ensure that you are the right legal representation for their case.

With our blog marketing services, you can benefit from:

  • Better delivery of valuable information to current and prospective clients.
  • Higher ranking and increased traffic through search engines due to specific topic areas.
  • Building credibility by demonstrating your knowledge in different practice areas.
  • Improved search engine optimization due to regularly adding fresh content to your firm’s website.

Do you want to regularly update your firm’s website with professionally written blogs on the latest topics?  If so contact us today at (888) 590-9687 to discuss how FORWARD marketing’s blog writing services for lawyers can help enhance your digital marketing strategy.