Texas Criminal Defense Law Firm Doubles Revenue In One Year

March 8 , 2021 | BY admin

The case study below is for a Texas criminal defense law practice that is seeing double the monthly revenue monthly from a year ago. We have now been working with is firm for about 18 months and the screenshots below will show you improvements in that time period. The first one below shows initial keywords and rankings when we started working with them at the end of August of 2019.

Criminal Defense Initial Keywords

Below were the keyword rankings for the law firm after the first 6 months:

Criminal Defense Keyword Rankings After 6 Months

Below is a screenshot showing the traffic for the first month when we first took over the online marketing for this criminal defense law firm. You can see that the overall traffic was 751 visitors, with 390 coming from organic traffic.

Criminal Defense Baseline Pre-SEO

After 8 months with a modest SEO budget traffic had increased to 973 total visitors with 616 coming from organic traffic.

Month 8 SEO

Month 12 Traffic. Here you can see that overall traffic had increased to over 1,100 overall visitors with 869 coming from organic traffic.

12 Month SEO

Four months later we convinced the client to implement a more aggressive budget that included bulking up content, on-page optimization, link building, and social media. Below you can see the dramatic results of these increased marketing efforts. Overall traffic for the last month was 2,937 visitors with 2,011 coming from organic traffic.

Feb 2021 Traffic

These are the results overall for this Texas criminal defense law firm. The increase in traffic and leads has resulted in doubling the monthly revenue for the firm.

  • 58% increase in organic traffic after first 6 months
  • 123% increase in organic traffic after first 12 months
  • An additional 131% increase after 4 months of upgraded link building/content marketing campaign
  • 192% increase in calls from organic traffic pre-SEO vs. current time.
  • Google Ads Conversion rate increased from 3.2% (click to call) before we took over to 24.8% conversion rate.  The client increased their monthly AdWords spend twice during this time and is now generating over 150 calls/month (110-130/month unique) just from Google AdWords.

In addition to calls being generated from organic and paid search, their strong local rankings on GMB have generated 151 additional calls in the last 30 days, including 16 requests for driving directions to the office. How successful would your practice be with an additional 300 calls per month?

GMB Data

Where Customers View Business On Google

Criminal Defense Customer Actions

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