Web Design For A Family Lawyer

March 4 , 2022 | BY Matthew Stark

web design for family lawyer

If you run a family law firm or divorce practice these days you probably know that having an updated mobile-friendly website is a crucial component to success. If your family law firm’s website needs updating don’t trust it to just anyone, you want a lawyer marketing agency that specializes in web design for a family lawyer. FORWARD Lawyer Marketing is a full-service lawyer marketing agency that specializes in the following:

  • Website Design: Having a fast, mobile-optimized website drives conversions and helps search rankings.
  • Google Ads: Edge out the competition and maximize your ROI by systematic testing – and understanding what your key clients search for.
  • Local SEO and Google My Business Optimization: If your law firm focuses on a specific territory, be it a ZIP code or an entire region of the country, optimizing for these areas could help capture more local searches.
  • Facebook Marketing: People spend a lot of time on Facebook. Ads, reviews, remarketing, social-optimized content, and so on can improve visibility, drive website traffic, and even provide some credibility.
  • Content Marketing: Sometimes, with all the strategy and digital marketing tools, it’s easy to forget why people came to your law firm website in the first place: Useful, actionable information. Content marketing makes sure you deliver what people want.
  • Video Marketing: Videos can drive client engagement, establish you as an authority – and improve various metrics that help your search rank.
  • Google My Business: Google My Business is an interactive business listing. It lets you display the services your law firm offers, answer questions and show client reviews.
  • Search Engine Optimization: SEO gradually increases search engine rankings by providing useful information. This technology is getting smarter, so optimized content should be clear, well written, and above all, relevant to prospective clients. SEO includes the following:
  • Keyword research
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Blog Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Local SEO

As you can see this lawyer marketing agency covers all the bases. Just having a good-looking website is not enough, it must be optimized properly for the search engines as well as human visitors. This requires specialized experience that few have. Don’t entrust your business to an agency that doesn’t have experience in the legal field. Take a look at some of the attorney websites built by FORWARD Lawyer Marketing.

In addition to being mobile-friendly and search engine optimized, your website must also be updated on a regular basis. This keeps the search engine spiders coming back to the site to see if you have new content. The best way to do this is by posting regular informative blog posts on topics your potential clients would be interested in. Our clients that follow our advice and consultation on this have seen tremendous increases in their law firm’s revenue.

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Our Family Law Web Design Process

Our team of technicians, designers, and strategists emphasize three main factors: visualization, functionality, and usability. All three of these are important for achieving your online marketing goals. From that principle, we follow a custom law firm web design process:

  • Understanding Your Requirements: Legal businesses are all different. The best law firm website design always serves the requirements of the attorneys in question. Our first step is to identify your preferences and goals. For example, some of our clients want a nice storefront to improve their credibility. Others intend to invest more, aggressively marketing their new website with targeted, sustained online campaigns.
  • Estimation of Project Scope: After completely understanding your requirements, we get to work. Our law firm web design team comes up with two separate static designs — the web design version of a sketch. We then share the ideas, refining until you are completely confident and totally happy in the design for your law firm we intend to build.
  • The Buildout Phase: The next step is creating a completely functional, private version of your law firm website. You get the login information — this allows you to keep track of our progress at your convenience, in real-time. The buildout phase of your law firm website can take anywhere from two weeks to two months depending on the size and design, but there will be no surprises. Before we start, we will set the proper expectations given your unique project’s scope.
  • Website Launch & Project Completion: After everything has been tested by us and approved by you, we launch your new law firm website. We take everything we built in the private version and migrate it to your law firm’s public web address.
  • Post Development Services: We don’t just part ways after completing the project; we offer post-development services. These include hosting, maintenance, and more including the option to have us continue to provide you with ongoing content written by our experienced legal experts.

One of the biggest ranking factors that the search engines take into account is quality content. Almost without exception, the websites that rank at the top of the search results have quality content with a word count of 1500 words or more per page. Obviously, this is for your main pages like practice area pages, it isn’t necessary for something like a contact page or even an attorney profile page.

Content also needs to be written to be geo-specific to your local area. This, along with optimizing your Google Business Profile goes a long way to helping you to outrank your local competition. We use legal scholars to write the content for our law firm websites so that you know the content is accurate and informative. We link to reference sources and state law websites that reinforce the authority of the content and also help with SEO.

If you are searching for a digital marketing agency that specializes in web design for family lawyer contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing. At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing we believe in taking a “leave no stone unturned” approach when it comes to our legal clients. With that in mind, we employ extremely experienced people in the industry.

Our SEO Director has been marketing online for well over two decades and oversees all SEO tasks including editing content and performing on-page optimization as well as internal and external linking. Our specialty is law firm marketing and SEO for lawyers at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing, call us at (888) 590-9687 to discuss how we can increase the revenue of your law firm.