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If you are searching for lawyer marketing in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, it is essential to stick to proven law firm marketing strategies for optimal results. In addition, many attorneys are looking for clients in Dallas/Fort Worth, so you need to stand out from the crowd online.

There are many ways to get successful marketing results, but the methods detailed below usually are effective, including SEO for lawyers in Dallas/Fort Worth. You will also learn why investing in lawyer marketing for the Dallas/Fort Worth area is so critical.

Digital Marketing For Lawyers

Why Invest In Online Law Firm Marketing?

Online marketing for law firms is vital in today’s competitive landscape that depends on Internet technology. Several marketing studies suggest that besides referrals from family and friends, most legal clients use search engines, online reviews, and related services to find a lawyer they can trust.

So, if people cannot find your Dallas/Fort Worth law firm online, they may never learn about you. But they will find one of your competitors in Google!

Even when someone is referred to your law office by a friend, they will probably search for you on Google. They will likely look for your website and online reviews. They may be reluctant to reach out if they are hard to find.

For instance, if someone is looking for a Dallas/Fort Worth lawyer in Cottonwood Creek South or Heights Park, they might search for ‘personal injury lawyer in Dallas Heights Park.’ If your firm has a solid online presence, your law firm’s website should show high in the search results.

Most people look online for an attorney before they retain a Dallas/Fort Worth attorney. So, spending resources on digital marketing can be one of the best investments you can make. Now, find out some of the most effective ways to digitally market your law firm.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the beating heart of many digital marketing campaigns. Search engine optimization involves enhancing the user experience and quality of your legal website. When SEO is done correctly, your website will eventually appear higher in Google’s search results.

Your website must appear on top of Google’s first page. The number of clicks go down the further down on the page you are. Many studies say that 95% of consumers rely on a search engine when searching for an attorney. About 90% of all online searches are on Google.

Potential clients no longer use telephone directories to find attorneys; they almost always look online. Unfortunately, few people will see if your website is on page 2 or 3 of Google’s search results. Therefore, getting ranked high on page 1 is vital.

Your law firm should focus on posting high-quality content regularly to improve your search ranking. Getting backlinks from high-quality sites is also critical. If you are unsure how to do effective SEO, you can hire an experienced law firm marketing agency like FORWARD Lawyer Marketing to handle the work.

Also, local SEO is critical for ranking high in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. If your law firm is based in Dallas, it is probably not essential to rank highly in Boston or Chicago search results.

Your chosen digital marketing company will focus its SEO work on getting your site as high as possible in Dallas and Fort Worth search results. The most important goal for local SEO is to get your site listed in the local map pack above the organic search results in Google.

Custom Mobile-Friendly Website

If you spend money on SEO services and appear high in Google results. If your website is subpar, you should spend considerable marketing resources on building a high-quality website.

Here is how important web design is: A recent study suggests that 94% of first impressions of a website are related to its design. Just 6% of first impressions are related to legal content! Site visitors judge your Dallas/Fort Worth law firm on how the site looks and how easy it is to navigate.

More important information to consider when creating a law firm website:

  • Website navigation and visual appeal are the biggest reasons people stay on a website and make contact
  • Poor site design is closely related to high bounce rates and a lack of trust
  • Complex navigation and busy design will negatively affect your user’s experience and trust level

Outstanding Content

If your site design is excellent, but the content is old and dull, there also will be high bounce rates. So, in addition to an outstanding design, be sure your site content is highly informative and memorable.

One way to create excellent content is to write several weekly blog posts. Focus on common questions your law firm receives about Dallas/Fort Worth legal matters. For example, if you receive a lot of questions about Dallas medical malpractice, focus on that for one or two blog posts.

People are in plenty of car accidents in Dallas on I-35E and I-20 LBJ Freeway, so you may get many car accident questions. That subject is always an excellent focus for your legal blog. If your lawyers and support staff lack time to write the content, consider hiring content writing for lawyers.

Online Reviews

As we noted earlier, online reviews are critical in determining if people will contact your firm or move on to someone else. Therefore, you should ask for reviews from satisfied Dallas/Fort Worth legal clients. Getting positive reviews should not be a problem if you provide the best legal services.

Think of some of the best case results from this year. Then, ask clients for a detailed online review. Google Reviews is the most popular place. Be on top of every review that comes in and is posted online. Respond to every review, even if one is negative.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

When people in Dallas/Fort Worth need a lawyer, they usually turn to Google. Imagine if they can locate your law firm with just one mouse click or tap! Pay-per-click advertising for lawyers is a fantastic tactic to obtain highly targeted legal leads.

PPC is when a company pays an online company every time a user clicks their ad. PPC ads are popular on Google, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

When PPC is used with other techniques in this guide, it can significantly enhance your marketing results. For example, your firm can select your audience based on many factors, such as income, zip code, demographics, age, device, etc.

Google Ads ranks an ad campaign based on how helpful and relevant it is. So, relevant ad content is essential, and it should relate to you’re the keywords you bid on. This determines how high the online ad appears and what it costs for every click.

Blog and Content Marketing

Effective blog marketing is also a critical part of your legal marketing strategy. For attorneys, content marketing is essential because you can communicate complicated legal subjects while increasing your firm’s credibility and search engine rank.

For example, say you are a medical malpractice attorney in Dallas. You have practiced for 15 years and know the most common medical malpractice cases in Dallas/Fort Worth hospitals.

You can write blog posts and social media posts about common medical malpractice cases in Dallas hospitals. Determine the most common search phrases people use when searching for a medical malpractice attorney, then, insert those keywords in the copy.

Social Media

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, social media websites are among the most popular worldwide. Of course, being on the top of Google search results is good, but your firm can turbocharge its digital marketing by engaging actively on social media. At least 23% of law firms in a recent survey said social media engagement brought new clients.

One way to use social media is repurposing and summarizing recent legal blog posts. For example, if you wrote about the Top 5 Car Accident Intersections in Dallas, summarize the findings in a few bullet points and post them on Facebook. One of your paralegals could be in charge of social media marketing, but law firm marketing companies also offer effective social media marketing and are far better at it.

Remember To Build Your Brand

The digital marketing concepts detailed here will help your firm find new Dallas/Fort Worth clients. However, it also is important to consider your legal brand. If the law firm’s brand is unclear, it will be more difficult for your services to stand out from others.

Your legal brand is how you want the law firm to be seen by the public. Many law firms in Dallas offer the same legal services you do. It is helpful if your firm has a different marketing proposition that makes your brand unique.

For example, if your law firm does many tractor-trailer accident cases, consider building your Dallas brand on big rig accidents. Write blog posts about your biggest truck accident settlements and verdicts. By basing your brand on tractor-trailer accidents and proven case results, your firm will be seen in the public eye as the one to contact for those cases.

Law Firm Case Studies

This case study shows how a single-attorney family law practice started attracting more high-asset, financially complex divorce cases.

Click here to read about a family law firm that increased its caseload five-fold in a few months.

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Creating a comprehensive lawyer marketing strategy for Dallas does not need to be overwhelming. However, if you focus on the basics mentioned here – SEO, social media, content marketing, and website design – you have a fantastic start for digital marketing.

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