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Your best bet for marketing your law firm is digital marketing if you need more legal clients in Austin, Texas. Lawyer marketing on the internet is vital today because so much commerce is done online. In addition, strong marketing practices online ensures a steady stream of new Austin legal clients for your law firm.

How do you know where to start with online marketing? The strategies below will get you on the right path to online success. Then, talk to a law firm marketing company to find out how they can ease your marketing burden.

Digital Marketing For Lawyers

Why Digital Marketing For Lawyers?

Unless you are an Austin in-house counsel or a prosecutor, you need a stream of steady legal leads to have financial success. Legal services are often saturated with competition. Every lawyer in Austin competes for mostly the same clients, so a solid digital marketing strategy will distinguish you from the competition.

A significant advantage of lawyer marketing online is that it is more cost effective than print ads, billboards, radio, TV, etc. These are the expensive methods that the largest law firms use, but not every small and medium-sized Austin legal practice has that budget. Internet marketing levels the playing field somewhat.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the major way an Austin law firm will gain organic traffic in major search engines, especially Google. Most Austin residents looking for legal services turn to Google to find a local lawyer. Your website won’t be seen if the website does not rank at the top of page 1 in Google.

Effective SEO for lawyers is vital. Your goal is to obtain possible legal clients looking for the legal services you offer. For instance, if someone searches for ‘car accident lawyer in Austin’ and your site ranks high for that phrase, there is a good chance they will contact you.

The Austin legal field is competitive, so your law firm needs an excellent SEO strategy to rank high in search results. A crucial part of effective SEO is keyword research, which is how you pinpoint the search terms people use to find services like yours. For example, if your company offers truck accident legal representation, you may want to rank high for ‘Austin truck accident attorney.’

Next, put that keyword phrase in blog posts and a web page specifically written to boost the chances it will rank for it. It also helps to choose location-specific keywords to reduce the number of lawyers competing with you. For instance, competing for ‘bus accident lawyer’ will be much more competitive than ‘Austin CapMetro bus accident lawyer.’

It also is important to get ranked in the ‘local 3 pack’ in Google for lawyers. This is the first set of search results you see after paid advertisements. The 3 pack will be shown when Google thinks the person is looking for a local attorney.

If you want your Austin law firm to succeed and stand out, you should do your best to get in those three top listings. Here is how:

Create your free Google Business Profile Listing. Follow every guideline when you create it, and remember to add your Austin law firm’s address, phone number, and site.

Fill out your free profile as much as possible, and remember to add photos of your building’s interior, exterior, and staff. It is good to post new photos on a regular basis and avoid duplicates as Google may penalize for them.

Optimize your law firm’s website for your location in Austin and your firm’s primary specialty areas. This usually means adding practice area and location in page content and the title tags for the site pages.

Social Media Marketing

Most Austin lawyers are familiar with social media marketing. But unfortunately, many misunderstand and do not use it enough. Many popular social media platforms exist, but you do not need to use them all. Instead, the ones you choose to be present will depend on the audience you want to attract and how they use online content.

Social media marketing is a big deal because so many Americans are on social media sites daily, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They may not be searching for an Austin personal injury attorney when they log onto Facebook, but having informative content on there will put your firm’s name in their minds. Posting excellent content regularly will increase your followers, and they may contact you when they need an Austin, Texas attorney.

When you post on social media, focus on legal content your target audience would be interested in. For example, an Austin car accident attorney might write a social media post about common Austin intersections with many accidents.

Some recent examples in Austin are Cameron Road, US 183 service road, I-35 southbound service road, and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. You can write about these accident locations and the common accidents there, such as red light running or speeding.

Do not worry about being active on every popular social media channel. Instead, select a few big ones based on your target audience and concentrate on them.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

PPC advertising means running paid advertisements on major websites to increase legal leads for your website. You pay the company a fee for every searcher that clicks one of your ads. While PPC can be more costly than other digital marketing, you may enjoy faster results.

Your legal company should also use the other strategies mentioned in this guide with paid ads. An excellent place to start with PPC ads is to look at what other Austin law firms are doing. Then consider adding new landing pages to your website for each paid ad.

PPC advertising can be challenging to get a handle on at first. However, many lawyers manage their ad campaigns with a skilled Law Firm PPC marketing company. They will advise you on the long-tail keywords to focus on and set a realistic budget for success.

Law Firm Website

Most law firms have a website, and most people looking for an Austin lawyer will look for them online. So, a significant focus of your digital marketing efforts should be to have an attractive, intuitive, and informative website built by an agency that focuses on web design for lawyers.

Your website should be attractive because how it looks makes a big difference in how consumers see your firm. Also, the site should be easy to navigate. This means users should be able to navigate to the content they want in one or two clicks.

Also, the site should load in a few seconds, so people do not bounce. Each page should have a call to action and an easy way for visitors to contact you. Last, be sure the website displays well on mobile devices because most consumers use their devices to find what they want online.

Content and Blog Marketing

Search engine marketing is intertwined with content marketing or blog marketing. This is because Austin residents look not just for a law firm but information about common legal questions.

For example, if someone searches Google for ‘how to file a divorce in Austin,’ they want a legal guide on how to file for divorce. They are not looking for a lawyer’s bio page with that search. This gives your firm many chances to post informative content that addresses a pain point for the user.

Effective content marketing helps the law firm to gather more site traffic from a larger audience looking for legal information. In addition, informative content increases your visibility, establishes your brand and expertise, and generates more legal leads. Your firm can create all types of informative content, including blogs, videos, white papers, e-books, and email campaigns.

Never Forget Legal Reviews

You can have a fantastic website, content, social media strategy, and PPC ads. But if your law firm does not have many excellent online reviews, you could have problems getting leads to contact you.

Unfortunately, many Austin attorneys fail to have a comprehensive legal review strategy. But that can be good news if you create one for your firm.

The fact is that most people looking for an Austin lawyer will check online reviews as part of their search. A recent study found that 93% of millennials check online reviews before buying something. This means that possible legal clients are searching for something like ‘Austin car crash lawyer reviews.’

So what happens in Google when someone types your law firm name and ‘reviews’? You should do a Google search every week or two and find out. The review sites you should focus on are Google, Yelp, and Avvo.

You can get positive reviews for your firm by offering the best legal services possible. Then, ask your pleased clients for online reviews. If you regularly ask for good reviews from people who are happy with your legal services, you will soon have plenty of positive online reviews.

Law Firm Case Studies

This case study shows how a single-attorney family law practice started attracting more high-asset, financially complex divorce cases.

Click here to read about a family law firm that increased its caseload five-fold in a few months.

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Creating a comprehensive lawyer marketing strategy for Austin does not need to be overwhelming. However, if you focus on the basics mentioned here – SEO, social media, content marketing, and website design – you have a fantastic start for digital marketing.

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