How Voice Search Optimization Can Help Your Law Firm

February 1 , 2018 | BY admin

Google Voice Search Optimization

There has been yet another shift in the tides of SEO. The advent of a number of effective voice searches has punched some holes in a number of legal website’s SEO, leaving them vulnerable to falling page rankings, declining traffic, and a corresponding drop in client conversions. Ad personal digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, Google Voice, and Alexa become more widespread, users simply speak to their assistant instead of keying in their own queries. They no longer see alternate queries suggested in the search bar, and instead rely on their PDA’s results to get them where they need to go in terms of search.

How to Handle Voice Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers

Digital presence for law firms and practices is a case where specialization is needed. After all, the digital presence for a law firm is different from, say, an e-commerce website, a local restaurant, or government website. As the technology people used to search for an attorney changes, the calibration and optimization for that search needs to change. If your site has not changed since 2012, chances are that your page rank is lower than it could be, and you may be missing out on new clients to firms and practices at the top of the page. These tips can help boost visibility in voice search results:


  • 1. Go long: Text searches are short, generally maxing out at three words. Voice searches are longer in the tail. For example, a text search might scan as, “Divorce Attorney Chicago.” Contrast that with, “family and divorce attorney near me.” The use of “near me” is growing and a significant factor in raising useful, local traffic to your site.
  • 2. Just the FAQ: The questions that people ask you can be a gold mine of keywords, and including them in your online FAQ page gives the indexers a lot of meaty words to match up with queries. Write those questions down, and revamp your FAQ page.
  • 3. Dive deep: In order to understand digital assistants, you have to use them. You may have Alexa at home and Siri on your phone, but using them gives you an insight to search behavior that’s far more applicable than articles and podcasts. Get a personal digital assistant set up on your phone and start looking for yourself.

It’s Time for the Professionals

If your law firm’s website is becoming more of a job than the law, it’s time to bring in a company that can handle the increasing demands and implements the technology to your advantage. Employing an in-house specialist or two to handle all the aspects of managing your firm’s digital presence is a luxury that many do not have. A company with a roster of services such as web design, digital marketing, social media, law firm SEO, and blog management will lift your site and traffic out of the doldrums, and set you on the right course. Contact Forward Lawyer Marketing today at (888) 590-9687 to speak with an experience law firm digital marketing specialist today.