January 6 , 2023 | BY admin

How Lawyer Marketing Will Be Done In 2023

Top Law Firm Marketing Trends As someone that has been marketing online since the beginning of the internet, I have seen a lot of changes, especially in regard to marketing law firms. Marketing online is competitive but law firm marketing…
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December 14 , 2022 | BY admin

Lawyer Marketing Expert Strategies

While operating your law firm, a lot of time and energy is spent fighting for your clients. Advocating for your legal clients is your most critical task, but there is far more to running a profitable law firm than that.…
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November 21 , 2022 | BY admin

Why Lawyer Marketing For Criminal Defense Attorneys Is Difficult

There is a lot of competition in lawyer marketing for criminal defense attorneys. With many criminal defense attorneys in major cities, you need to work tirelessly to stand out from other legal professionals. Word-of-mouth referrals and the courthouse are helpful…
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November 14 , 2022 | BY admin

How To Set Up Your Law Firm Intake Department For Success 

If you want your law firm to succeed, your intake department is critical. Client intake involves bringing in new clients and obtaining the information needed to open cases. The process is time-consuming, especially for small firms, also, most of this…
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