Why Local SEO Is The Key To Successful Law Firm Marketing

November 15 , 2023 | BY admin

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If you run a law firm in the 2020s, you need an excellent legal website to advertise your services. But, having an attractive and intuitive website is only the beginning. Your legal website must also be SEO-optimized to drive qualified traffic. According to a 2019 Legal Trends Report, at least 17% of legal consumers search online for an attorney. With proper local SEO, your law firm website will appear higher in the local rankings, so you can get more leads and grow your business.

Learn more below about why local SEO is critical to your legal marketing efforts and how to perform local SEO. If you want to learn more about how local SEO can help your business, the experts at Forward Lawyer Marketing can assist you. Our marketing experts can also help with content writing, social media, and PPC for lawyers.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO for lawyers is a digital marketing method that improves your site content so it ranks higher in search engine results for local legal searches. With local SEO, your website can reach a wider audience in your community, obtain more leads and clients, and increase your presence in the local market.

Local SEO involves on-page and off-page optimization, offering unique legal content, using important legal keywords, and obtaining high-quality links and citations from other websites. The local SEO process takes time, effort, and technical knowledge, but it can hugely benefit your marketing success when done correctly.

How To Perform Local SEO For Your Law Firm

Local SEO for lawyers is not a ‘one-and-done’ type of activity. Local SEO is a constant, daily process that requires you or your marketing company to regularly monitor, update, and improve your website and content. Some of the steps to take that will improve your local SEO for lawyers are;

Claim Your Google Business Profile(GBP) Page

A critical part of your local SEO for lawyers process should be using your Google Business Profile page. GBP is a free Google tool that allows companies to manage their Internet presence in Google Search and Google Maps. Your Google Business Profile is equivalent to being in the local business directory for a law firm. You want your local SEO to be just right to ensure your law firm can be found in the Google Local Pack and Google Maps. Some ways to ensure that your GBP listing is optimized are:

  • Check that your name, address, and phone number are current and consistent in your GBP.
  • Include high-quality photographs of your law firm, staff, and corporate offices.
  • Select the best categories that describe your firm’s specialties.
  • Encourage your happy clients to provide positive reviews.

Local Citations

Local citations are also crucial for maximizing the benefits of your GBP page. Citations mention your law firm online, especially on review websites and local directories. Examples include Yellow Pages and Yelp. Legal-specific directories include Super Lawyers, Avvo, and Legal Match.

Ensure your law firm’s name, address, and phone number are identical in every directory. If there are discrepancies, Google could be confused, which can lower your ranking.

Monitor Your Citations

You or your marketing company should use BrightLocal or Moz to manage and track your firm’s citations to ensure they are consistent and accurate.

Local Keywords

If your law firm focuses on personal injury, you may think that ‘personal injury attorney’ is a good keyword. But for local searches in your city, ‘personal injury attorney in City Name’ will have a higher conversion rate. After all, you are looking for legal leads in the city you serve, not in a location far from you. Also, ensure that your local SEO-focused keywords are in your site content, title tags, and meta descriptions.

Website SEO Strategies

Your website blog should focus on localized content that matters to your local audience. You could write about local legal topics of interest or local regulations that impact people in the community. Also, consider creating landing pages for specific communities or neighborhoods in your city.

Link-Building In Your Community

Link building locally is a critical strategy for local SEO. The goal is to boost your legal site’s authority with relevant backlinks in your community. For a law firm, getting authoritative local links can improve your local SEO and organic Google results. The links inform Google about your law firm’s involvement and credibility in the area you serve. Some tips and insights for local links are:

  • Having a small number of high-quality, local links is more beneficial for local SEO than many low-quality, non-local links.
  • Work with local businesses, including mortgage companies, financial consultants, and real estate agents, to develop mutual referrals. Feature each other’s links on your websites.
  • Offer guest legal posts on local business blogs. Provide your legal insights to the community for a link to your site.
  • Write a law-related column for magazines and newspapers in your local community.
  • Sponsor events in your town, which can lead to valuable backlinks.
  • Ensure your law firm is linked and listed in your local bar association website and other local law directories.
  • Regularly post about local news events on social media and encourage local users to share.
  • Use SEMrush or Ahrefs to monitor your backlink profile and remove low-quality links that can damage SEO.

Legal Reviews And Testimonials

In a world of online searches, online testimonials and reviews have a tremendous influence over which sites consumers visit. Credibility and trustworthiness are critical for a law firm; positive legal reviews are potent endorsements of your services. Some ways you can solicit reviews for your law firm are:

  • Direct requests: After successfully resolving a legal case, ask your client for a positive review. You can ease the process by sending them a direct link to your preferred review platform.
  • Send emails: Every month or so, send email reminders to past clients, showing them how to leave a review.
  • Offer incentives: You also may consider offering a discount on future services to encourage feedback.

Optimize For Mobile And Local Searches

There is a synergy between local search and mobile devices that you are wise to take advantage of. Smartphones are used constantly today for local searches, including law firms. The Internet world is moving towards mobile phone users, especially with local searches. It is a huge, missed opportunity if your law firm does not focus on mobile optimization. Some ways to improve your law firm’s mobile search results are:

  • Responsive website design: Make sure your law firm site design adjusts automatically across different devices and screen sizes. A consistent user experience is paramount.
  • Optimize for speed: All mobile users today want fast load times. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to find any speed-related problems.
  • Simply mobile navigation: Make your site navigation simpler for small screens. Use clear CTAs to guide your prospects.
  • Create a local schema markup: Create a local business schema markup to aid Google in understanding and prioritizing your site content for local searches on mobile.

Legal Content Strategy

Content is always the king of local SEO for lawyers. Excellent, local-themed legal content can be a fantastic tool to connect with people in your city who need an attorney. As you assemble your local content strategy, here are some insights and recommendations:

  • Local legal content on your site and social media will enhance engagement and increase trust in your community.
  • When you address local legal issues and regulations in your content, you cater to the interests of people in your city.
  • Report any local legal changes or law updates specific to your city or neighborhood.
  • Ask local community leaders and personalities to post on your blog. They have a local following that could benefit your website.
  • Use local keywords in your content that could be used for local legal searches. Integrate these keywords naturally into your site content, but ensure it is still easy to read.
  • When possible, go beyond content about your city and write about local districts or neighborhoods. For instance, do not just write about Dallas in your content, but about Uptown, Bishop Arts District, Deep Ellum, and Far North Dallas.
  • Keep your local content updated and fresh. For example, if you wrote about the most common accident intersections in Dallas, update it every year with new information.
  • Engage with readers in your blog comment section. Answer their legal questions and offer your expertise.

Your content strategy for local SEO should focus on developing relationships with people in your community. When you show that you care about the community and have valuable legal knowledge, people may turn to you when they need legal assistance.

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Local SEO is an outstanding way to enhance your law firm’s online presence and garner more qualified legal prospects in your community. Following the best local SEO practices mentioned above will optimize your website to stand out from other attorneys.

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