10 Components Of A Successful Law Firm Marketing Strategy

December 7 , 2021 | BY Matthew Stark

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As a successful online marketing agency that specializes in lawyer marketing, FORWARD Lawyer Marketing knows that there are specific components that are necessary in order for a law firm marketing plan to succeed. We have clients in the legal field that have doubled their law practice revenue in under a year! Read on to see the main things we focus on when working with our law firm clients across the country.

Keyword Ranking Research

If you don’t know where you rank for your desired keywords you can’t develop a strategy for increasing your rankings. This is also an SEO component that is easy to track and see improvement in. With most law firms, it is also important to include local-specific keyword phrases to help rank for specific geographic areas. Well-written geotargeted pages can help you to outrank your competition with poorly written content. We use a variety of tools to discover the keywords a law firm ranks for as well as find keywords that we can rank for with a little effort.

Up To Date Responsive Mobile Friendly Website

Marketing online begins and ends with your web presence. Today’s consumers are far savvier than many people realize and they know an outdated website when they see one. This is especially true when one has an old website that doesn’t display properly on a mobile device. This is why the first thing we look at when taking on a new client is their website and how it is structured.

FORWARD Lawyer Marketing creates functional websites for attorneys with compelling content written by experts in law and custom, responsive, mobile-first designs. Our goal is your goal, whether that entails becoming an authority in your specialization or establishing a lead generation engine to expand your law firm’s caseload.

Analytics Tracking

It is imperative to make sure that analytics tracking codes are installed properly so we can get accurate data. Without this data it is impossible to know where a website needs to improve, where traffic is coming from, perform remarketing, etc. This is another one of the first things we do when taking on a new client so that we have accurate data from day one.

Quality Content

When we are working with new clients one of the things that we run into a lot is what we call “skinny content.” So, what is skinny content? This refers to shallow and/or poorly written content. For years now it has been well known in the SEO industry that content is king. Studies have shown that website pages that have longer content consistently rank higher. We try to have a minimum of 1500-2000 words, sometimes higher for more competitive areas.

We follow a set of best practices that helps consistently deliver effective, quality writing:

  • Follow ethical guidelines
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Remove technical errors
  • Define the audience
  • Focus each article
  • Organize information
  • Establish a style
  • Track page performance
  • Implement SEO knowledge
  • Post consistently

Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is technically part of content marketing but where most web pages will stay static for the most part, blogging is an ongoing task that must be done on a consistent basis for best results. Most of our clients see a large portion of their traffic come in from the regular blog posts. Our most successful clients contract us to post four blogs per month of 1500 words or more as well as creating their own content with video. We then take those videos and convert them into written content as well.


Backlinks help to demonstrate authority and relevance. This is one of the most consistent strategies that we do for our clients and we have a team that focuses only on link building. Link building for law firms is a bit trickier than with some other businesses. There are many websites that just aren’t right to link to as a law firm. We stick to getting links from websites that are relevant to the legal industry. We also submit our law firm clients’ websites to local directories to help increase local rankings while also submitting to the appropriate legal directories such as Avvo and FindLaw.

On-Page Optimization

On-Page Optimization is an integral part of SEO. Not only does this include proofing and editing pages for optimal keyword placement but also entails internal and external linking. Internal linking is the practice of linking to other relevant pages of your website to avoid having “orphan pages.” Orphan pages are pages that don’t link to others and Google doesn’t like them. External linking refers to linking to other websites and best practices include using descriptive anchor text and linking to authoritative sites. The link to Avvo in the backlinks section above is an example of an external link.

Online Advertising

Almost every client we work with has some kind of advertising budget even if it is only a few hundred dollars a month. The great thing about online advertising is that it is easily scalable so you can start small and increase as revenue increases. The most common advertising platform we use is Google Ads although we also use Bing, Facebook, and Instagram for some clients. Google also came out with local-specific ads called Local Services Ads. Also known as LSAs, these ads are specifically for Google vetted businesses, and because they are “Google Approved” they tend to convert well.

Call Tracking

It is surprising how many law firms and other businesses don’t keep track of incoming calls. It is difficult if not impossible to know if your advertising and SEO is working without tracking calls properly. Call tracking not only helps you to know what is working and where leads are coming from but also keeps those that answer your law firm’s call accountable. The call tracking company we utilize also records the calls so that you can listen and then optimize the interaction process if needed.

Leads For Lawyers

One of the biggest issues for many law firms is keeping quality leads coming in. Working with lawyers all over the country has led us to offer quality leads for lawyers. With our new Legal Locator website, we are able to provide quality legal leads for lawyers all over the United States. Stop wasting time, money, and energy on ads and agencies that don’t work. Let us take the risk out of your marketing and join the Legal Locator referral network and only pay for results.

No More Burned Ad Spend. Rather than risk losing thousands on digital agencies and burned ad budgets, partner with Legal Locator and only pay-per-result. We don’t charge hefty retainers or ask you to risk your capital. Each month, we generate thousands of leads and send them to our legal partners across the country. When you retain a new client, we all win. Partner with us and only pay-per-result.

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