How To Use Quality Legal Leads To Grow Your Law Firm’s Revenue

January 28 , 2022 | BY Matthew Stark

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Legal Leads For Lawyers

Utilizing quality legal leads is one of the fastest ways to grow your law firm’s revenue while working on long-term strategies such as SEO and content creation. The problem that many law firms have is that they are not experienced in lead generation and the leads they generate are costly, poor quality, or both. In any profession, the best practice is to focus on the things that you are extremely good at. There is a reason you don’t see offensive linemen playing quarterback and vice-versa. As an attorney, your focus should be on practicing law and you should hire out the lead generation process to experts like Legal Locator. Let’s take a look at some things you want to be aware of for a successful lead generation strategy.

Prioritize Your Most Profitable Areas Of Practice First

The first thing you want to do is identify which areas of your law practice give you the most return for time spent. As mentioned before, legal leads are expensive so when starting out you want to go for leads that will give you the best return. For example, if your law firm focuses on personal injury you may want to narrow that down to something specific like car accidents. If you run a family law firm you may want to focus on high-net-worth divorce or asset division.

Decide On A Realistic Scalable Budget For Leads

The great thing about lead generation is that it is easily scalable. You can begin with a modest budget and increase it as your revenue grows. We have a criminal defense lawyer in Texas that has more than doubled his law firm’s revenue utilizing this strategy and also investing in SEO.

Make Sure You Have A Reliable Follow-up System In Place

It is a complete waste of money if you don’t have a reliable tracking and follow-up system in place before investing in any lead program. We can help you set one up if you don’t have one. The call tracking we use even records phone calls and tracks where the lead originated so you know where to invest and where not to. This is a crucial part of developing your lead generation strategy.

Why You May Want To Pay Per Lead Rather Than Pay Per Click

PPC advertising campaign costs are based on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, which means that you are only charged when someone clicks on your PPC ad. However, while PPC campaigns are only charged on a per-click basis, overall campaign budgets are set up on a daily/monthly limit (e.g., if you set a $100 per day limit, it translates to about $3,000 monthly PPC advertising cost).

The legal industry has some of the highest CPCs in this advertising primarily due to the high amount of competition they’re up against and the higher ticket service cost. For this industry, we looked at keywords relating to “lawyer,” “attorney,” “legal services,” and a few other related keywords. Here are the ones that topped the list:

offshore accident lawyer $815.00
best motorcycle accident lawyer $770.00
18 wheeler accident lawyer san antonio $670.00
scranton personal injury lawyer $560.00
truck accident attorney dallas $515.00
houston trucking accident attorney $500.00
mesothelioma attorney assistance $490.00
new york construction accident lawyer $485.00
maritime lawyer new orleans $485.00
california auto accident laywer $475.00
auto accident attorney california $465.00
auto accident attorney colorado springs $460.00
car accident lawyer jacksonville $430.00
truck accident lawyer dallas $425.00

As you can see, the cost per click for legal keyword phrases can be prohibitively expensive. This is why many law firms that we work with have chosen to go with our pay-per-lead model which guarantees them quality leads for their law firm that need their services now.

Hire An Agency That Specializes In Lead Generation For Lawyers

FORWARD Lawyer Marketing is a full-service lawyer marketing agency that does it all and its focus is on law firms. In addition to running PPC and lead generation campaigns, they also handle SEO, content creation, social media management, and more. Matt Stark, the founder, recently launched a sister company called Legal Locator that solely focuses on providing quality guaranteed leads for lawyers. Learn more about them in the video below:

Legal Locator takes pride in providing the highest quality opportunities to each and every one of our partners. We won’t claim to be the “best” or that every lead is going to turn into a retained client, but we will say that our efforts are backed by an agency that focuses solely on driving quality leads to law firms such as yours, and a combined 60 years of experience in the digital marketing space.

Over the years we have spent millions of dollars in ad spend, driving traffic and leads to legal clients of all practice areas, and have honed in this skill so you can benefit, without the risk. You can set your budget, targeted geography, and practice area, and we’ll be off the races, sending you real-time, quality, exclusive leads right to your inbox or phone. We also qualify each lead and have the ability to set the consultation for you so you can focus on practicing law and retaining new clients. It’s really that simple.

Rather than risk losing thousands on digital agencies and burned ad budgets, partner with Legal Locator and only pay-per-result. We don’t charge hefty retainers or ask you to risk your capital.

Each month, we generate thousands of leads and send them to our legal partners across the country. When you retain a new client, we all win. Partner with us and only pay-per-result.

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