Why Does My Firm Need a Social Media Presence?

February 2 , 2017 | BY admin

Social Media for Law FirmsSocial media is a fantastic platform for solo practitioners and law firms to build their credibility, improve their brand awareness, and attract new clients. Several social media tools are available these days that can help attorneys discover the topics of interest and monitor the shifts in trends relevant to their target audience. This enables them to readily provide effective solutions to prospective clients, expand their network, and get a competitive edge to stay ahead of the curve.

Law firms can benefit from the great opportunity to connect with the industry’s thought leaders and influencers, while engage with prospective and potential clients to foster client-attorney relationships. If you are skeptical or wary of jumping into the social media waters, take a look at the many reasons as to why this new form of networking is beneficial for you.

Social Media is More Effective than Traditional Marketing

Social media isn’t for teenagers and young adults anymore – almost everyone with access to the internet is using it, including people looking for legal advice. It has been found that over 96 percent of the internet population is on social media. Advertising on social media is like putting a billboard of your law firm on the busiest street where it will get maximum exposure, but at a fraction of its price. It would be unwise to let such an opportunity slip away.

Finding New Clients

People fill their social media profiles with their personal and professional information, along with their interests, allowing you to target your ideal audience. How?

Different social media networks have varying targeting levels. Let’s take the example of Facebook advertising campaigns. They allow you to target your advertisements on the basis of profession, interests, gender, age, locality, education levels, and several others. Similarly, Twitter allows you to find your target audience based on who they follow, what they Tweet about, and their geographical information.

All of this allows your law firm to cultivate an audience to which you can market your legal services.

Referral Relationships

Social media networks, like Twitter and LinkedIn, help you connect with online communities with people belonging to your niche and industry. By actively participating in discussions, you can foster relationships with other professionals, who may recommend you to their clients. For example, if a real estate attorney engages in industry-specific discussions with realtors and builds good relationship, there is a better chance they will be referred to clients when any legal issue arises during the real estate transaction.

SEO Benefits

Search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo!, give preference to websites connected to active social media accounts, and rank them higher on SERPs. In addition, it allows you to share your blogs and news about your latest cases that link back to your law firm website. These links are known as social bookmarks, which show search engines that the content posted on your website is useful and liked, hence improving search rankings.

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