Why Branded PPC Campaigns for Lawyers And Law Firms Make Sense

September 23 , 2020 | BY Matthew Stark

PPC Campaigns for Lawyers

PPC for LawyersPPC For Lawyers

Have you ever searched for your firm’s name on Google, only to be greeted by a page of irrelevant results? It’s an almost universal problem with attorneys online.

Most firms do business under a few last names, such as “Smith, Smith & Jones.” Unless your firm has a totally unique name, people who search for you may have some trouble.

Branded PPC campaigns address this problem. They make sense for online legal marketing because they:

  • Help people contact you when they know your name
  • Cost less when compared to more general PPC campaigns
  • Reinforce other elements of your strategy, such as SEO
  • Allow various types of customization
  • Highlight firm news

If this sounds interesting, contact us at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing to get started. If you would like some more information about these points first, please read on.

Give People What They Search For Utilizing A Branded PPC Campaign

First off, branded PPC means you select your firm name as a Google Ads keyword. The first and most important benefit of this is your ad appears in the results for your firm name.

For example, you can capture leads from a common behavior — people entering business names on Google to obtain contact information. When they search “Your Law Firm Name,” they see the ad you sponsored.

Save Money

Pay-per-click advertising with Google costs more for more competitive keywords. Also, the legal profession has some of the highest-cost keywords. If you practice in a competitive market, your costs will be high. We usually recommend branded PPC to bring in low-cost leads, balancing costs and increasing percentage marketing ROI.

Many times, you can combine your branded search with targeted practice keywords to capture more leads. For example, you could run a campaign with the keywords “Smith, Smith & Jones” and “divorce lawyers.” Feel free to contact us to learn more about when this could be a good idea.

Support Your SEO Effort

Branded PPC makes sense – even if you already appear near the top of the search results for your name. Even if your site is search-engine optimized, having two results is better than one. A PPC ad and a high-ranking organic combine to make you look more credible.

Customize Your Message

PPC offers you an opportunity to deliver the message you want. This could include snippets of information, to increase your credibility, or contact information, to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with you.

Share Important News

There is a less common but effective use for branded PPC: Sharing information about changes within your firm. For example, you may want to communicate that a specific attorney has joined your team or been made a partner.

In these situations, branded pay-per-click could link the attorney’s name with your firm’s name. The same goes for other types of news items specific to your business, such as new offices, community events, and so on.

Branded PPC is generally an important aspect of reputation building, news promotion, and credibility reinforcement strategies. As with many other aspects of law firm marketing online, your resource commitment to this type of advertisement would depend on your business and your goals. Please contact us at any time to get started with a personalized analysis or call us at (888) 590-9687