What to Expect for Law Firm Marketing in 2017

December 19 , 2016 | BY Matthew Stark

Digital Marketing for Law FirmsAs the end of 2016 approaches, it is a good time to review and start planning the marketing efforts of your law firm. Doing so will allow you to stay ahead of the curve from the very start. Marketing trends tend to change with people and their behavior online, which is why it is necessary for you to continuously evolve your strategy to stay current with changing trends and technologies.

2016 has been great for digital marketing, but like every year, some things become obsolete as new technologies emerge, while others remain the same. The following are some ideas to revamp your marketing efforts for 2017.

Expand your Reach on Social Media

Aside from using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you need to look at the many new contenders that have entered the social media industry. While some platforms (like Tumblr) may not be suitable for law firms, there are others that might prove to be a great fit.  Pinterest has grown drastically over the years, and it might be a great ground for attracting new customers, especially if you deal with clients in the age bracket of 25 to 40. However, do keep in mind the keys to social media success, which are:

  1. Post on a regular basis and stay consistent
  2. Be informative and entertaining
  3. Add value to engage your target market
  4. Offer variety and mix it up with articles, images, blogs, videos, and infographics.

Video Content and Live Streaming

Just like 2016, having video content on your law firm website will be important for SEO purposes. It has been predicted that in 2017, 69 percent of traffic will be through video content. Since this form of marketing has been extensively used across all industries, Google has given it special preference over written content. Moreover, the expectations of users has significantly changed, as the chances of viewing videos over reading text content are unprecedented. Law firms can reap the dual benefit of better user experience and SEO by using video content on their website.

Aside from recorded video content, you can utilize Facebook’s live streaming feature to discuss a case and provide your professional insights to exhibit your prowess in the practice area. This is also a great opportunity for law firms to introduce their attorneys, core strengths, and educate and answer clients’ questions.

Mobile will Continue to Grow

After experiencing drastic growth in the past few years, mobile will follow the same trajectory in 2017, as more people continue to adapt to tablets and smartphones and embrace the “search on the go” trend. What started as a trend has now become the way of life for a majority of people. It is important that your law firm blog and website are optimized for mobile, its pages load quickly, and navigation is easy to provide great user experience.

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