Tips and Tricks for Google Reviews

May 2 , 2019 | BY admin

Google Reviews

Google ReviewsGoogle Reviews are particularly essential for your business because reviews assist customers during the decision-making process in several ways. Since they give a potential customer a chance to compare similar businesses, both positive and negative Google reviews can affect any business.

Positive reviews could either be sponsored or fake, but the majority of businesses have authentic positive reviews. No company will ever agree to pay for writing negative reviews, but they do play a major part in brand awareness. Negative Google reviews of any product or service act as a counterbalance to augment the validity of the positive reviews.

Follow these tips and tricks for better Google reviews:

Establish a Link Between Customer Reviews and Pay Per Click (PPC)

If you believe Google customer reviews have no connection with lead generation from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, think again, because 93% of customers read customer reviews before making their minds about a product or a service. Reviews have become an essential part of Google. It now includes a review information panel right on the search result pages. Allowing the customers to skim through the reviews enables customers to determine whether a business is good or bad for them.

Complete Your Google My Business (GMB) Profile

To allow the customers to give you an honest positive or negative review, it’s essential for businesses to create a Google My Business (GMB) profile. Once the profile is created, fill up all the required queries with relevant and accurate information. The information should include:

  1. Photos

  2. Location of your business

  3. Contact information

  4. Hours spent by customers on average

  5. Operating hours

  6. Website or social media profile information

To get the best results, optimize the Google My Business account and information in the local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for better outcomes.

Avoid Paid Reviews

Nothing is more devastating for your business than getting fake paid reviews. Your potential customers can tell the difference between an authentic positive review and a phony paid review. It’s easy to spot a fake review and the biggest downside is when the profiles with fake reviews are deactivated, your reviews disappear as well, so this is one tactic businesses should not rely on.

Address Negative Reviews

There will be times when a customer might not be so happy with your product or service. They might leave a negative Google review on your Google My Business page. If that happens, address the issue as soon as you can. Reassure the customer you and your team will do the best to improve your product or service. Ask the reviewer to contact the customer service department so you can resolve their grievances. If you can satisfy a customer, that would give a major boost to your online presence.

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