The Importance of Google My Business Listing for Your Law Firm

August 13 , 2018 | BY Matthew Stark

Google My Business Listing for Lawyers

Are you doing everything you can to put your best foot forward online? Do you have a website, blog, and even a social media presence? You may also be using marketing vehicles such as PPC ads, SEO, Live chat, and more. Did you know that there is an entirely free tool that can allow you to increase your chances of showing up in Google’s Local Pack, Local Finder, Google Maps, and organic rankings in general?

It is your Google My Business (GMB) listing, and if your firm qualifies, which it is sure to do, it can allow you to enjoy at least one free, professional listing. It is a page that will offer details about your law firm, the physical address, phone numbers, business hours, and more. When you take steps to claim your GMB, though, it is imperative to supply every possible detail.

Why? Because Google has included a “Suggest an edit” function that can allow anyone (and that means ANYONE) to go ahead and make changes to the listing, without also alerting you or requiring permission. Thus, Google recommends you pay a visit to your GMB dashboard on a weekly basis to check the information in the listing. Google does alert you to “Updates” and allows you to correct or review changes.

As one expert warns, “For example, your business category could be changed from “criminal attorney” to the generic “lawyer” category, which could negatively impact your search rankings…That’s why it’s extra important for you to log in and check your listing frequently.”

Okay, so that is the downside, but there is a lot to love about GMBs.

Optimizing Google My Business

Once Google verifies your listing, you can take steps to optimize it, and use the “posts” feature. This is a lot like a social media post and you can jazz it up with relevant information, calls to action, and even links to alternative sites. How can a law firm use this? Well, if you are blogging about one area of your practice, you can also post a link to the latest blog right on the GMB.

Again, as one expert said, “the possibilities with Posts are endless! Posts show up prominently in your business’s Knowledge Panel, so don’t miss this opportunity to stand out.”

Even more important is the “Booking Button” function that can be enabled in your GMB, allowing potential clients to book a consult or a formal visit to your office. The GMB can also work as a text messaging feature and enable Questions and answers to help you build authority and develop trust in your potential audience as well.

While you might be upset that there is yet another aspect of marketing and developing your web presence to worry about, many business owners, including those who own law firms are simply integrating the GMB into the work they have their marketing team provide.

So, if you wish to claim your GMB and make the most of it, contact Forward Lawyer Marketing today for more information.