Show Up in More Relevant Searches with Google’s Responsive Search Ads

October 30 , 2019 | BY admin

Google’s Responsive Ads For Lawyers

Digital Marketing FirmIf it has been a while since you revisited your Google Ads campaigns, now could be a good time. The search engine giant recently improved and expanded its responsive search ads. Here are a few ways these tools can help you make the most of your practice’s business development efforts.

Make Your Ads More Relevant

Responsive search ads use a set of techniques to adapt to what works and scrap what doesn’t. As the system gathers data, it will start to automatically select the most relevant content. You can incorporate this feature into your existing campaigns to enhance them, meaning you can use some of your existing keyword research, logos, images, and advertising copy to even greater effect.

Distribute Content Based on Each Situation

One main benefit of Google responsive ads is they choose the content of your advertisements based on the device or site the viewer is visiting. For example, someone encountering your ad on a mobile device might see a headline and a brief text snippet. When they see the same campaign on a website, it may include a large image.

Format Ads to Match Sites

Another advantage of responsive ads is they can change their format to look more like the main site’s content. The industry term is “native advertising ” — it works because people are more likely to pay attention to something that looks like the site they’re visiting.

Get Quality Feedback

One of the attractive things about the responsive ad system is each permutation of your advertisement is trackable, even when the system chooses automatically. There’s no guessing which strategy works — you can simply look at the data to find out. The combination of automatic adaptation, native formatting, and thorough tracking lets you focus on what works for your practice.

Retarget Visitors for Conversion

Another related technique to make sure you show up in relevant searches is taking advantage of the dynamic remarketing features available with Google Ads’ customized feeds. The way it works is simple — Google selects the most relevant options from your services based on each visitors’ activity on your website.

Use What you Have

Possibly the best incentive to try this technology is that it’s accessible. You don’t have to set up complex databases or re-hash your campaigns to take advantage of responsive search ads. To start seeing results and tracking data, all you really must do is include some responsive terms into your existing campaign.

The main benefit is the automated aspect of this ad technology provides adaptability, control, and strategic placement beyond what you could previously achieve for the same investment. Contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing at (888) 590-9687 to speak with a law firm marketing specialist about how it fits with your practice’s current ad strategy.