Should My Law Firm Run Facebook Ads?

May 3 , 2018 | BY admin

Facebook currently has over 2.2 billion users globally, over 220 million of which reside in the United States alone. With almost two-thirds of the American population active on the social media platform, it makes it a dynamic place to market your business. Law firms, like any other organization, need to market themselves to succeed in a highly competitive business environment.

Most people are not aware of their rights and often people do not even realize they need an attorney to protect their basic rights. Therefore, it is necessary that law firms indulge in active marketing campaigns on mainstream marketing platforms.

How Can Facebook Ads Help Your Law Firm?

Facebook Advertisement AgencyFacebook Ads can help your law firm to reach a wider audience, which could potentially drive more clients towards your law firm. Running social media marketing campaigns on the largest platform would not only establish a strong digital presence of your law firm but also drive more traffic towards your website.

On average, users spend 50 minutes on Facebook every day. That exponentially increases the response to your marketing campaigns. You can adopt different approaches to how you market your law firm on Facebook.

You can either promote the services you provide in a salesy way or create infomercials that would inform your audience regarding common legal issues and how your law firm can help them resolve them. There are a number of companies that provide online marketing for lawyers in a professional way. Consulting one of such companies would help you get a better idea of how Facebook marketing can benefit your law firm.

Facebook Ads for your Law Firm –Better return on investment

Facebook Ads allow you to target key demographics and make your marketing campaign more focused ensuring a greater return on your marketing dollars. This means that you can specifically target people on the basis of their age, gender, and zip code. A focused marketing campaign would ensure that your message reaches the exact audience you are trying to target. Facebook ads are certainly one of the most affordable and cheapest law firm marketing solutions right now.

If you wish to find out more about Facebook Ads and how you can use them to benefit your law firm or have any queries regarding digital marketing, contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing at (888) 590-9687.