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November 7 , 2022 | BY admin


If your law firm isn’t utilizing video as part of your lawyer marketing strategy you are missing out and YouTube just made it even easier to market your law firm with videos. YouTube recently introduced the addition of what is being called Handles. The thought process behind this is to make it easier to create online communities with YouTube channels in order to engage more with followers. Read on to learn more about how to implement Handles into your law firm marketing strategy.

YouTube Handles

YouTube Handles

With the introduction of the new YouTube Handles all channels will now have their own custom handle that the company believes will make it more convenient for video creators to engage with followers. Handles will also make it easier to tag themselves and other creators in posts and comments and video descriptions. Although Handles are new and just starting to roll out it is believed that they will help channels increase engagement as well as make them more visible and attract new viewers. Channel names aren’t going away, Handles are just an additional way of identifying your channel and will be unique to each channel. As an example, the handle for our FORWARD Lawyer Marketing YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/@lawyer-marketing

YouTube has already begun sending emails out to YouTube accounts that are able to pick a custom handle for their YouTube channel. If your channel already has a custom URL that will become the handle name by default, you can change it once you get your notification from YouTube. Because the intention is for every handle to be unique the process will be slower than many may like. How long it takes for you to be able to have access to this new feature depends on your presence on YouTube, how many subscribers you have, your videos, and other factors.

As I shared above, YouTube will assign a custom URL like this, https://www.youtube.com/@lawyer-marketing that matches your handle so it will be easier to share and helps with branding for your law firm.

YouTube has created the new handle option to make engaging with viewers and subscribers easier for content creators. Soon you will be able to have your own custom handle that you can use to market your law firm’s YouTube channel everywhere! Handles started rolling out in October and YouTube is opening access to more channels every day. By November 14th handles will begin to be automatically assigned based on channel names but you will still be able to change your handle once you are notified you are eligible.

With literally billions of YouTube channels, it will take a little time to roll out to all of them. Everyone can’t have access to choose a handle at the same time because they all must be unique. The current plan is for everyone that has a channel to be able to select a custom handle by November 14th.

Once it has been rolled out to all channels, your handle will begin appearing in a few places across YouTube (and more over time), including the Shorts player, Search results, your channel page, within comments & mentions, & more. Full details here.

Below is a video from YouTube with more on Handles:

For more details on exactly how the handles will work, you can read the FAQ provided by YouTube.

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