How To Implement Pay Per Call For Law Firms

January 13 , 2023 | BY admin

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Every successful law firm requires a steady stream of leads to keep its case pipeline full. One way to increase your cases is to use pay-per-call for lawyers. With pay-per-call, the person needing legal services is on the phone immediately. They are ready to talk and get legal advice from you. 

Sound interesting? Learn below about how to implement pay-per-call for law firms. If you are prepared to get started, Forward Lawyer Marketing can help.

What Is Pay Per Call?

When it comes to complex topics such as the law, consumers need to feel connected to the person they are talking to. Of course, direct advertising has its place, but people with legal problems want to experience a human connection when dealing with such vital matters. That is why getting on the telephone with pay-per-call for law firms is so effective.

Suppose a legal prospect is looking online for how to move forward with a divorce. He is learning how to find an experienced divorce attorney, alimony laws in his state, and how much he will need to pay for child support. He comes across your ad online urging him to call immediately to get his divorce questions answered. The person clicks the ad and calls. The next moment, he is talking to one of your divorce attorneys.

It is a simple concept. For the legal customer, it is. However, there are many factors involved that will match that consumer with the right attorney. That is how pay-per-call can help.

Pay-per-call allows a law firm to access consumers in real-time who need a lawyer. All calls you receive are qualified according to the requirements you set beforehand. This ensures that the calls your firm receives are the cases you want. On the consumer side, the person looking for legal services enjoys a smooth and seamless call experience.

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

Marketing companies generate calls for attorneys through many means. Some of the most effective pay-per-call campaigns are through Google and Bing ads. SEO-based promotions on websites also are effective. These advertisements find prospects the moment they search for legal information. When they see the ad, the user calls directly by clicking the advertising on their cell phone. Or, they can dial manually.

On the other end, an algorithm matches the person to an attorney by location. Also necessary are the type of case, call time, and much more. First, the law firm determines the criteria that qualify the legal lead. Next, the algorithm matches the pre-determined factors and calls the correct attorney. All of this happens in less than a second. This means the consumer on the line has an almost instant connection to a lawyer.

What Are The Top Benefits Of Pay Per Call?

There are many benefits to pay-per-call. First, you have real-time marketing analytics. You will know the keywords that are most enticing to your customers. You also will know which advertising campaign generated the most legal leads and the region.

Second, you know exactly what your marketing dollars are providing. Yet, you are charged a set amount for every pay-per-call lead in your office.

Third, pay-per-call is highly scalable. You can expand pay-per-call anytime by offering remote assistance and phone consultations. Also, your firm can expand to other specialties and geographic locations whenever you like.

Why Does Pay Per Call Work?

Simply put, pay-per-call provides more qualified leads for your law firm. Attorneys select when and where they want to get the call leads. They also establish the parameters for the leads they receive on time, location, and more. One of the best parts is you only pay for the legal leads your law firm receives. There are no shady setup costs or fees.

Pay-per-call works for the lawyer and consumer because there is almost instant contact. Legal clients call with their questions or to ask for a consultation. Attorneys can answer their legal questions before setting up a face-to-face meeting. Legal lead callers are further along in the sales funnel because they seek legal information. They have shown their strong interest because they have called seeking information.

Pay-per-call is appropriate for all types of law firms. Are you a solo attorney? Pay-per-call is a highly efficient way to send you warm leads. These people need services now and most likely have the money to pay for them.

Pay-per-call also is perfect for law firms who want to work with a marketing company. When you work with Forward Marketing with pay-per-call, you spend less and only pay for the leads that call you.

Attorneys often like pay-per-call because it is clear what you get for your money. Every lead you pay for is a call that comes into your office. The ROI does not get any clearer than that.

Can’t You Do Pay-Per-Call Campaigns Yourself?

It is understandable if you want to use Google Ads to operate your DIY lead generation campaign. However, there is great value in using Forward Marketing to generate your inbound legal lead calls. These leads come to you with a high conversion rate. Remember, the prospects already have shown they have high interest and intent. They picked up the phone and dialed. This is the warmest legal lead you can find.

Also, hiring someone to put ads on Google does not mean you will get the same number of warm leads. There is plenty of trial and error in finding good legal leads. At Forward Lawyer Marketing, we have all the details worked out. Finding the best legal leads for your law firm is our full-time business.

Our customers get better results with pay-per-call than when they go the DIY route. This is because, with pay-per-call services, you only get the legal leads you want based on the parameters you established beforehand. This means you get more cases and revenue.

Remember To Review Your Lead Intake Process

Pay-per-call is a highly effective way to bring new cases into your law firm. However, your lead intake process must be up to par to take full advantage of this program. In addition, you should be sure that the personnel handling the calls and messages are ready for the volume. After all, if it takes your office three days to return a call, the lead probably already signed with another lawyer.

So, audit your lead intake processes. If there is room for improvement in answering phones and answering questions quickly, be honest about it. For example, if it takes 10 minutes for a lead to talk to someone, would you want to wait that long to get a question answered? Or would you hang up and call another lawyer?

Also, do you have enough administrative staff that allows instant call transfers to a real person that can answer the prospect’s legal questions?

Next, your law firm should write a strong marketing message that the caller listens to while waiting. There also should be a strong message when a call needs to go to voicemail. Instead of using cheesy ‘hold time’ music, give the lead some information to help make their decision for them.

For example, your messaging should emphasize what makes your law firm the best and different. For example, if your focus is on car accident law, the message might talk about your top car accident settlements and verdicts in the past year. Or, have one or two client testimonials that show why they should choose you over another firm. Nothing is more effective to convince someone on the fence than listening to five-star client testimonials. 

Your law firm should also know how long the pay-per-call lead takes from admin staff to an attorney who can offer immediate answers. You should be sure that whichever attorney gets the call has as much information as needed to address their questions. This prevents the lawyer from asking the same questions to the prospect the administrative person just requested. That is a frustrating experience for callers. 

Ensuring the lawyer getting the call already knows the prospect’s story has another benefit. The consumer does not need to repeat their upsetting legal quandary several times. Most people do not want to tell the same painful legal or personal story multiple times to people they do not know. One time is enough. If they only have to tell the story once, this is a better customer service experience.

Try Pay-Per-Call Today

With pay-per-call services, you can grow your law firm with the best, warmest legal leads. Forward Lawyer Marketing does all the work and handles the risk. With our firm’s extensive marketing network, we will send only the best calls to your office.

When you work with Forward Lawyer Marketing, you only pay for the calls we send you. So you know exactly what your marketing dollars are providing. If you are ready to start your pay-per-call campaign, contact Forward Lawyer Marketing at (888) 590-9687. Our marketing professionals also can help with SEO, web design, and more.