How PPC Can Help Drive New Business to Your Divorce Practice

November 18 , 2020 | BY admin

Pay Per Click for Law FirmsPPC can help drive new business to your divorce practice. Pay-per-click advertising is typically beneficial for businesses in competitive markets. In addition, it’s more effective in situations where even a single conversion (from website visitor to customer or client) could generate a large return.

Does that sound familiar? It should. Those two criteria apply to almost every divorce practice.

When you plan correctly, PPC often generates new business. There’s a trade-off: You pay a market price for the searches you target. Many divorce law firms are already advertising in this way. That makes advertising space relevant to the profession more expensive, even compared to many other areas of the law. A well-planned strategy is necessary.

If you’re ready to start, contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing — we’ll do a viability study with your average case value, target keyword price, potential conversion rates, and other factors. Here’s how PPC generates business.

1. You Come First (Mostly)

PPC campaigns put your information in key positions. You have some options, but, in general, your ad appears above almost everything else when people conduct online searches for your keywords.

An example of an exception for Google would be LSAs: Local Service Ads. In contrast to PPC, the application-only LSA program provides verified information that shows before anything else on the search results page – also known as SERPs. It’s also definitely worth pursuing as part of a comprehensive local advertising strategy.

2. You Control the Landing Page

When people click on your advertisement, you get to choose where they go. We typically create a custom page for each PPC campaign. Elements vary depending on the campaign goals, but they could generally include:

  • Information specific to the search keywords that trigger your ad
  • Interactive elements, such as chatbots or contact forms
  • Strong, repeated calls to action
  • Contact links

We start with the presumption people who click your ad are shopping for a divorce attorney — as opposed to looking for legal information or satisfying their curiosity. With this in mind, we design landing pages to establish you as an authority and encourage visitors to contact you.

3. You Put Yourself in Contact

You have direct-contact options with PPC campaigns. Searchers can simply tap on your phone number or your email address to directly contact you from the advertisement.

This is increasingly important, mostly because of mobile searches. An example of success would be someone searching for a lawyer on their phone, getting the information they need from your ad, tapping your number, and scheduling a consultation.

4. You Maintain Oversight and Tracking

One of the most powerful business development aspects of PPC for lawyers is accountability. You can easily track which campaigns perform well and which need an adjustment. You can also integrate PPC with other marketing tactics for a comprehensive strategy – all while maintaining oversight.

There are quite a few ways to optimize the effectiveness of your law firm PPC campaigns. Examples include making strategic keyword choices, writing actionable ad copy, creating custom landing content, and limiting display criteria to match the behavior of your most sought-after clients. Contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing at (888) 590-9687.