Google to Launch Local Service Ads for Lawyers

July 26 , 2019 | BY admin

Local Service Ads for Lawyers

Google GuaranteedGoogle is considered the gold standard for online advertising. It offers several promotional services for lawyers to locally promote their law firms. If you are a lawyer and need to promote your practice, it’s essential to know two things about Google.

First, it is one of the best online platforms for advertising and promotion. Second, Google constantly changes. The frequent alterations indicate the need for a reliable marketing expert to locally promote your law practice. FORWARD Lawyer Marketing specializes in Local Services Ads for law firms.

Local Services Ads for Lawyers

Google is now offering a particular ad service for lawyers to promote their law firm in their respective regions. Local Services Ads allows lawyers to rank their website in the top search results before the PPC (pay per click) ads, along with regular and organic search results. Additionally, the Local Services Ads offer more features and merits apart from giving law firms top-ranking status.

Google Guarantee Badge

One of the best features of Local Services Ads for lawyers allows law firms to add a “Google Guarantee” badge for their company’s listings, which creates a positive brand image for your business. The badge is a clear indication your law firm is credible and fully endorsed by Google, the biggest search engine giant on the planet.

This badge will help law firms to establish trust between their clientele. When a potential target customer clicks on your webpage, they will be redirected to a special page dedicated to vouching for your business.

Get Rid of the Click-Through

Apart from vetting for your law business, Local Services Ads protects your website from click-through, which would seemingly be a bad fit. When a potential customer clicks through, Google asks them to confirm the services they are looking for and request a zip code. If the service the customer is looking for is available on your website, you will end up with a potential client.

If the service a customer is looking for is not available within your law firm, Google will redirect it to another service in the same area and you won’t be charged for the interaction. To effectively promote your law practice, you should speak with a consultant who specializes in law practice promotion and advertising.

If you wish to learn more about Local Services Ads for a law firm or if you have any questions regarding digital marketing for your legal firm, contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing at (888) 590-9687.