Google LSAs and How They Benefit Your Law Practice

October 22 , 2020 | BY Matthew Stark

Google Local Services Ads

Local Services AdsFirst things first: LSA stands for Local Services Ads. Google selects businesses to display in a privileged position at the top of search results. Law firms are among the most recently eligible types of businesses.

At first, only a few types of law offices could take advantage of LSAs, However, that has changed. Chances are your area of practice is now supported. LSAs are currently available for:

  • Business law
  • Personal injury law
  • Estate law
  • Family law
  • Criminal and traffic law

There are too many specific practice areas to include in this article. Chances are Google will add more until all are represented.

So far, some examples include bankruptcy, contract, civil litigation, intellectual property, real estate, tax, labor, professional malpractice, disability, medical malpractice, employee-side labor, divorce, immigration, and several more. Please contact us at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing if your focus is not listed here.

How Do You Get an LSA?

Your firm has to satisfy specific criteria to qualify for an LSA. These ads are reserved for reputable businesses and Google officially endorses participants. To get approved, you would have to:

  • Pass a background check
  • Provide proof of bar membership
  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Maintain a review score of three (3) stars or higher

Don’t get discouraged if you do not meet the last requirement. If your online presence is not established to Google’s standards, we can help you develop it.

Why Do LSAs Matter?

Google LSAs represent the best current opportunity to expose your practice to new clients in your area. Here’s why – LSAs are instant. LSAs are brief, condensed summaries of your practice that go at the top of the search results. That means all the way at the top.

LSAs are the first things your prospective clients see. They are placed above the standard pay-per-click advertising area, which, in turn, is above the most relevant organic results.

LSAs also invite interaction. When you buy LSAs, you get exposure designed to provide instant information, like your review score, picture, and location. These ads are also interactive:

  • They expand when tapped or clicked, providing extended information.
  • They have instant contact features, similar to Google My Business and pay-per-click campaigns.

Google only charges you for interaction. You only pay for behavior that generates leads, such as calls customers make through the ad.

Finally, Google has instant credibility with most people. Prospective clients might not know about popular referral sites, especially if they’re new to the legal business. Avvo and its competitors might be instantly recognizable for those connected to the profession — but they are just random search results to most people. These sites are still important for now, but Google LSAs change the game.

Get Started Today

There’s still space in this desirable search-result position in most markets. Contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing today, and we’ll see if LSAs fit into your law firm’s business development plan.