Do Images Affect My Law Firm SEO?

March 7 , 2018 | BY Matthew Stark

A law firm’s website is one of the most potential business development and marketing tools that attorneys have at their disposal. However, having a business website is not enough. You must include search engine optimization (SEO) of your site in order to bring it on the first page of Google search results. SEO for lawyers requires specific selection of keywords relevant to their practice.

SEO for Law FirmsBesides the wise use of keywords, smart application of graphics and images is imperative for promoting lawyers’ practice or business digitally. In fact, visual appeal in web design for lawyers has become vitally indispensable over the past decade.

This is probably because a picture speaks thousands of words. Also, attractive illustrations and exceptional graphics have become a trend and are being used as effective law-firm-marketing solutions.

However, using images is not enough. Lawyers must do proper image optimization for their websites, social media tools, and other digital platforms in order to get effective SEO results. Optimizing web images is typically the process of delivering high-quality images in the correct dimension, format, and resolution.

There are several ways to do image optimization, such as compressing the image size, caching, or resizing the images. ImageKit is an intelligent tool that uses an intelligent compression algorithm to optimize images. According to experts in SEO for lawyers, here are four key benefits of image optimization to a firm’s SEO:

  • Since proper image optimization reduces site speed, it connects more users to your products. Consequently, you get the opportunity to boost conversations. On the contrary, when a site takes more than three seconds to properly load, users most often abandon it which will eventually increase bounce rate drastically and affect your conversion ultimately.
  • Google’s Page Speed Insight Tool recommends image optimization. By fulfilling this requirement, a site gets better SEO results.
  • Optimizing images improves user experience thus enhances user engagement.
  • Images help convey a message and also help to get more clicks through posts shared on social media channels.

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