Are Google Call-Only Campaigns Better than PPC for Attorneys?

January 3 , 2017 | BY admin

AdWords for AttorneysThere isn’t much doubt in Google’s commitment towards mobile, especially after they made the big announcement last year about mobile-friendliness being a major search engine ranking factor. Before Google made the algorithm change, it introduced call-only campaigns geared towards getting mobile call conversions. This feature is great for people who know exactly what they want and are not interested in visiting a landing page for more information or filling out an inquiry form. Instead, they want to directly talk to a representative and get the desired services.

According to comScore, more than 29 percent users perform search queries on a mobile device. This fact makes call-only campaigns an effective strategy for law firms.

What’s different about Call-Only Campaigns?

Call-only campaigns are very similar to search campaigns; the only difference is the ads are optimized for mobile searches and don’t appear in desktop searches. Otherwise, law firms set up adgroups and campaigns that contain keyword and targeting information just like in a search campaign. However, optimization for call-only campaigns is quite different. Industry experts are calling these campaigns the future of PPC, mainly because of the declining trend of desktop searches.

How is it Beneficial for Law Firms?

Since attorneys spend most of their time practicing law, they don’t have time to check every other inquiry in detail. Most attorneys have assistants and secretaries for this task; however, not every client wants to share details of their case in an inquiry and want to directly contact to get immediate legal help on the phone. Moreover, some law firms don’t have a mobile friendly website, making it difficult for clients to dig out contact info and putting them off for good.

There are numerous benefits of including call-only campaigns in your law firm’s marketing strategy, some of which are:

  • Mobile reach: A call-only campaign is designed for mobile only, and with the increasing number of people adapting smartphones and tablets for web searches, these ads can prove to be quite effective.
  • Conversion tracking: The AdWords conversion tracking feature allows you to determine how many calls you received through call-only ad. This allows you to optimize your strategy for better conversion rates as well.
  • Direct calling: It becomes much easier for potential clients to call you directly after searching for your law firm with just a tap on the call button.
  • Cost: These ads are text based and quite similar to PPC ads that work on keywords. You don’t have to pay any extra charges to Google for call-only extension and ads.
  • Easy to use: If you know how to create and run a PPC campaign, you will have no problem with doing the same with the call-only campaign. You can also use the call extension which makes things easier for advertisers.
  • Phone call details: With AdWords, you can get complete reports with information regarding missed and received calls, along with their duration, phone number, county, city, state, and other details.

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