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Call Tracking For Lawyers

Call Tracking For LawyersWhat is call tracking for law firms? First and foremost, it’s an accountability tool.
There are several elements to FORWARD Lawyer Marketing call tracking services for lawyers. Here are a few key points:

  • We use a specific back-end service provider to handle analytics. We highly recommend using this company and can perform migrations, but it is also possible to integrate our campaigns with your existing call tracking system if you want to manage tracking in-house.
  • We audit all calls for quality assurance purposes during our PPC campaigns. This helps optimize campaigns for lower cost-per-click, better client retention, more calls, and higher ROI.
  • We use tracking by default for PPC. We also set up tracking for organic search (SEO call tracking), referrals, direct calls, and so on.

Basically, call tracking gives you a detailed account of each call that comes into your law firm. It also helps you match each call with its corresponding role in your intake process.

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Why Does Call Tracking For Lawyers Matter?

Call tracking for attorneys is an essential part of two processes: establishing ROI data and refining campaigns. It keeps a detailed record of several things, including the following:

  • Sources of your calls: PPC, organic search, referrals, or direct calls, for example
  • Details of calls, such as talk time and ring time
  • Times people are calling
  • Total calls and total unique contacts
  • Website analytics tied to the call

This information becomes part of your client lifecycle data for each contact you make. Still, the question remains: Why do lawyers need call tracking?

The reason is simple: You can see exactly where and how you are making money. Alternatively, if campaigns are not working, then call tracking shows you why.

For example, if your call tracking analytics showed you that a PPC campaign was bringing in hundreds of calls per month, you might want to expand on that strategy. However, if the same data showed long ring times and low conversion rates, you might want to work on your intake process.

Generating leads online for a law firm is a multi-factor, complex process. You have to balance your restrictions against your goals. FORWARD Lawyer Marketing uses call tracking data to accomplish exactly that.

How Does Call Tracking Work?

Savvy attorneys have used call tracking as part of their business development plans for decades. In the past, it was a manual process. You would simply ask people where they found your number.

Luckily, you no longer need to have marketing experts answering your phones. We can automate this process for you, simplifying client intake and giving you high-level oversight of all of your law firm’s marketing and advertising campaigns.

Our system works by dynamically assigning unique phone numbers to each campaign we run. Here’s an overview of an example process:

  • We set up a series of advertising campaigns pointing to the same page.
  • Our service pairs each campaign with a unique phone number.
  • The correct number automatically appears, depending on how (through which campaign) people find you.
  • Our system automatically tracks the performance of each campaign based on the numbers your visitors use.

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