Will My SEO Ranking Be Affected When Google Plus Shuts Down?

January 10 , 2019 | BY Matthew Stark

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Google+ may not be the first name that comes to mind when you talk about social media networks and discuss SEO strategies, however, it has an impact on the web ranking of many websites. Users could share online content on their Google+ profile by clicking +1 (Google+ version of an upvote), which helps websites to improve their rankings, especially in the Google search engine.

SEO for Law FirmsDue to the recent data breach that took place in March 2018, Google announced that they are shutting down Google+ in the next few months. This presents users with multiple problems, specifically those who used Google+ as a primary social media channel.

Google offered a simple solution to create a backup of their data by launching a service called “Takeout”, allowing users to download their data without going through much trouble.

But when it comes to SEO, many people are still concerned about the consequences of Google+ shut down on the visibility of their website. Let’s learn more about this subject.

Will Google+ Shutdown Affect My SEO?

As mentioned earlier, Google+ does have an impact on the SEO of websites, however, its influence compared to other aspects pertaining to SEO is minimal to none.

Considering the latest changes in Google’s algorithm and multiple factors involved in SEO such as mobile optimization, content quality, keyword usage, and page responsiveness, we can safely assume that Google+ shut down will not have a drastic impact on the SEO of your website.

Furthermore, when it comes to the role of social media in web rankings, SEO strategies devised by a competent digital marketing specialist are dependent upon mainstream social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Quora to generate traffic on their website as they also serve as excellent channels to connect with the audience.

Thus, it is highly unlikely that the shutdown of Google+ will affect SEO.

That being said, there are chances that the SEO of some websites may get affected due to Google+ shutdown, provided that they optimized their Google+ account for SEO purposes.

For example, a website that solely relied on Google+ to promote its webpage and connect with the audience will lose its subscribers and may experience a demotion in the search engines.

But again, that is highly unlikely, especially for legal websites that hire the services of an experienced law firm marketing specialist to manage their SEO.

A professional digital marketing specialist ensures that they provide a diversified marketing strategy to their clients so that the change in the algorithm or shut down of any particular service does not affect their SEO.

Therefore, individuals who are not using Google+ as a primary channel to promote their webpage and sell their offerings should not get worried due to the shutdown of Google+ services.

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