What is Google Search Console and Why Should Your Law Firm Worry about It?

July 30 , 2018 | BY Matthew Stark

Google HeadQuarter

If there is one thing that almost all modern businesses, including law firms, know is that they must pay close attention to their web presence. It matters very little if the products or services they offer can be supplied through their website because it is typically via the internet that most of today’s businesses are “found”.

The days of yellow page directories and even classic print ads are coming to an end. Instead, if you wish to obtain clients, you must have a healthy online presence and reputation.

It is not only important to appear online, but stand out in SERPs (search engine results pages). Doing so is quite complex, and in addition to sharing the common need to be attentive to their web presence, many businesses begin to feel as if SEO and SERPs are their focus.

After all, it can take many hours per week (around 20 hours according to Small Business Trends) to handle the many tasks essential to promoting a business.

Google Search Console

Not all marketing is web-based, and those 20 hours may not be nearly enough to do the best job you can of marketing your firm. Thus, Google has attempted to come to the rescue and offers Google Search Console. Describing it as a “free service…that helps you monitor and maintain your site’s presence in Google Search results.”

Google itself goes on to say that you are not obliged to register, but doing so will enable you to understand just how the search engine sees your specific site, and then shows how you can improve, even “optimize its performance in search results.”

Not So Fast…

Now, before you shout with joy that your work is done and most of those 20 hours are back in your hands, it is important to remember that Google Search Console points out the weaknesses or the things that are keeping you from page one results. The site does not actually do the work it takes to overcome those hurdles.

Additionally, the web is not static, and so you need to keep up with the details coming out of the Google Search Console and implement changes if needed.

And what can you learn from signing up and using the data? There are many key factors. For instance, what sort of queries are allowing your site to turn up in the SERPs is one thing you get to learn. You also get to see if some queries lead to more website visits, and even such things as whether or not mobile searches are panning out for you.

Touted as being helpful to SEO specialists, website admins, developers, and others, it is also said to be a great tool for the “business owner who delegates”. Google even suggests you hire a specialist to set it up and report findings and suggestions to you.

If you are eager to do just that for your law firm’s website and make the most of Google Search Console, contact the lawyer marketing experts at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing today at 888-590-9687 for more information.