Is Managing a Blog Important for My Law Firm?

May 1 , 2017 | BY admin

Blogging for Law FirmsBlogging is the easiest way to add something new and fresh on your law firm’s website. News updates about recent changes in laws and your law firm, as well as topical articles, help you keep your clients informed and rank your website higher in SERPs. However, some lawyers think that blog maintenance is pointless, while others are enthusiastic about the idea, but say they do not have time for it.

Here we have shared some great points that will convince you to expend resources in maintaining the blog of your law firm website.

  1. Rank Higher in Search Engine Results

When you upload new, keyword-optimized content on your website, it allows the search engines to rank it higher in the search results. As a rule of thumb, the more a web page is optimized with a relevant keyword, the higher the chances of the page to appear in the top search results. This means that whenever someone enters a search query that matches with your keywords, the search engines will show your law firm’s website at a high rank in SERPs. For example, a person looking for legal services in Chicago, Illinois would be likely to search “Divorce lawyer in Chicago”, and if several webpages are optimized with this keyword, your website is likely to come up in the top results.

  1. More Relevant Content = Higher Possibility of Scoring New Clients

Adding to the first point, when you add relevant content that answers commonly asked questions and concerns of the clients, there is a high chance of your website’s blog to come up in the search results.

For example, a person searches for “What questions to ask a divorce attorney?” or “How much time do I have to file a wrongful death lawsuit?” If you have a blog post written specifically on those topics, that person lands on your website, reads the blog, and is impressed how you answered their query. Now if they are considering hiring an attorney for their legal issue, they will immediately contact you.

However, a key point here is to write an informative blog, but do not give away everything – you need to get clients to contact you for further information or solutions.

  1. A Great Place to Publish your Achievements

Another advantage of having a blog is that you can share firm news, awards, and information about cases you have won. This enables your existing and prospective clients to learn about your achievements and gauge your credibility in the legal practice area. Naturally, a law firm that has success stories to share will be on top clients’ choice list.

  1. Saves Time and Energy

On the contrary to the popular belief that blog maintenance can take up a lot of law firm’s precious time, it can actually help in saving your time and energy. How? Let’s say a client approaches you for information regarding a legal matter on which you have already written two or three blog posts. Instead of explaining the legalities associated with that issue from the beginning, you can point your client to those blogs to get general information. In this way, you can jump right to the solution of the issue rather than explaining things to them from scratch.

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