How Google My Business Helps Your Law Firm Succeed

August 28 , 2019 | BY Matthew Stark

Google My BusinessGoogle gets roughly 6 billion search requests every day. Apart from the usual searches, users routinely search for relevant businesses as their needs require. Google My Business (GMB) provides businesses with their very own business profile, helps users search their business on a map, or look for working hours and customer feedbacks based in a local setting. Capitalizing on this opportunity can be a fundamental driver of sales.

It is equally beneficial for individuals seeking legal services in their local communities. As a law firm, it is important you be visible to prospective local clients and be able to highlight the services you provide. Seeking support from an experienced digital marketing expert who specializes in the social media and digital presence of law firms can do wonders for your visibility to new and existing clients.

Here are some ways Google My Business profiles can help you advertise and promote your services.

Helps Increase Credibility

Google My Business provides a 5-star review, feedback, and rating system, which can help increase your visibility in local communities when users search for legal help. Positive reviews can increase your potential search engine results pages (SERP) ranking. The higher the ranking, the more chances of your law firm getting hired. Your law firm will require search engine optimization services to benefit from SERP rankings. Every feedback and rating should be constantly monitored. You can also monitor who visited your profile and understand the latest community trends.

Provide Clients with Updated Information

Google My business provides for a Google Posts feature, which your law firm can use to update new and existing clients about your recent activities like speaking engagements, community service events, information on new services, and affiliations with professional organizations. Google Posts can be used to highlight your website and blog content as well. If you have a happy client, they can share their experiences here.

Makes Communication Easier

Google My Business provides your clients the opportunity to communicate with you directly through your profile via messaging, email, or telephone services. It can provide for a good, quick legal service opportunity when clients are in need of a quick response. Since clients appreciate prompt responses, it will highlight your ability to understand legal matters and provide timely responses and support. Additionally, it also provides for appointment booking and scheduling facility.

If you wish to learn more about how your law firm can benefit from a Google My Business profile or if you have any questions regarding digital marketing for your law firm, contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing at (888) 590-9687.