May 30 , 2019 | BY admin

How to Promote Your Business with Hashtags

Hashtags are the most significant part of every social media platform. Twitter and Facebook have taken the hashtag frenzy to another level. To turn your business idea into a successful venture, you should reach your target audience in a short…
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April 3 , 2019 | BY admin

Advantages of a Social Media Calendar

According to We Are Social website, there are 3.48 billion people who are using social media in 2019. It is important to understand that social media marketing can play a substantial role in building an effective online presence for your…
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May 3 , 2018 | BY admin

Should My Law Firm Run Facebook Ads?

Facebook currently has over 2.2 billion users globally, over 220 million of which reside in the United States alone. With almost two-thirds of the American population active on the social media platform, it makes it a dynamic place to market…
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January 3 , 2018 | BY admin

Does Social Media Help my Firm’s SEO?

Social media has taken the internet world by storm. Now, you cannot stay away from social media websites that often define the communal perspective. Law firms are realizing that they must give due attention to maintaining a strong presence on…
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