Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical to Your Law Firm’s Success

November 18 , 2016 | BY admin

Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Critical to Your Law Firm’s Success

The days of creating a website for desktop users exclusively are long gone, and in today’s rapidly changing digital world, you would be making a mistake not to make your law firm’s website mobile-friendly. Within the last decade, mobile technologies have exploded in popularity and people are using smartphones and tablets to access information on the go like never before. In the past when laptops and desktop computers were the best way to access the Internet, people could only access online information when they were physically in front of their computer. But mobile technology has allowed people to carry a connection to the Internet in their pockets, and people are consuming more information on the go than ever before. Consider the following reasons why your law firm needs a website that is mobile-friendly.


Google’s Ranking Signals

Believe it or not, Google made an update last year that uses a website’s mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Essentially what this means is if your site is not considered “mobile-friendly”, it’s going to be difficult for it to rank on searches conducted on mobile devices. Though Google doesn’t reveal how heavily this metric is weighted, every little bit helps with regards to SEO and you simply can’t afford to give your competitors an edge by failing to optimize your website for mobile users.  If you want to see if your website passes Google “Mobile-Friendly” test, click here and enter your website, you may be surprised at what you see.


10Consider the User’s Experience

Although there is a direct correlation between the mobile-friendliness of your site and how it will rank on mobile devices, you can simply look at it from the user’s perspective. Since so many people are using mobile devices to conduct searches and browse websites, if they do not have a positive experience while browsing your site on a mobile device, they are much more likely to bounce out.  The difference between the experience on a site that is not optimized for mobile devices and one that is, is like night and day.  If your site is not, it will decrease the probability someone visiting your site on a mobile device engages and converts into a lead.


If your firm’s website doesn’t pass Google’s “mobile-friendly” test and you’d like to find out how a mobile-responsive website can help you, contact us today by calling (888) 590-9687.