How Your Law Firm Can Benefit from a Remarketing Campaign

December 7 , 2017 | BY Matthew Stark

Remarketing Campaign For Lawyers

The ultimate goal of running a marketing campaign for your law firm is to attract potential clients and compel them to hire your attorneys.

However, not all people who click on your ad or land on your website, contact your firm or fill out an online form to request an initial consultation on their first visit, even though they may be interested in your legal services.

So, what can you do to keep your law firm in potential customers’ minds, encourage them to revisit your law firm website, and take action? You can use a marketing tactic known as remarketing.

Understanding How Remarketing Works

Also known as retargeting, it is a form of online paid advertising geared towards showing detailed information to potential clients who have visited your law firm website before. People revisiting your website are more likely to convert into clients than the first-time visitors.

Remarketing is one of the most effective ways to re-engage visitors, entice them to visit your website again and turn them into clients. A well-designed, targeted remarketing strategy involves tailored ads with compelling calls-to-action, giving a precise overview of your law firm, and appealing to clients to come back to your website and take a better look at your services.

Benefits of a Remarketing Campaign for Law Firms

Higher Conversion Rates, Higher ROI

What sets remarketing apart from other online marketing techniques is that it targets people who are already familiar with your business. They are already aware of your services, and if they decide to click on your ad, they are likely to be interested in opting for them, hence dramatically increasing your conversion rates. This, in turn, produces a high return on investment than non-targeted advertising, leading to lower costs of advertising.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Remarketing uses cookies from a visitor’s browsing history to show ads on the subsequent websites that they visit. You can have your ad viewed by your potential clients for up to 45 days after they leave your law firm website. What’s great is that you are charged whenever someone clicks your ad, instead of when the ad is shown to a prospective client, hence further driving the costs down of the campaign as compared to other forms of advertising.

Specific Target Audience

The remarketing technique allows you to use a set of tags to specify your target audience. For example, you can place a tag on visitors who visited your personal injury page and show the remarketing ad specifically created for people looking for legal services for personal injury to remind them of the information that is available on that particular page.

This allows you to attract clients seeking specific solutions by providing them exactly the information they need to resolve their particular legal issues. In addition, you can choose specific websites where you want your law firm ad to display, further allowing you to streamline the audience you want to target.

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