Get Your Money Now With Legal Retainer Financing For Lawyers

September 8 , 2022 | BY Matthew Stark

legal financing

What Is Legal Retainer Financing?

Legal retainer financing allows you to expand your law practice by offering payment terms to your clients that could not otherwise afford your legal services. By utilizing a third-party finance company you remove the risk to your law firm, give your client affordable payments, and you close more cases! How much more revenue could your firm generate if you could accept more cases that may not have the cash to pay upfront?

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Legal Retainer Financing

Does Applying For Financing Impact The Client’s Credit Score?

Not at all. The pre-qualification process lets them know beforehand if they would qualify before they actually submit an application for legal retainer financing.

What If The Client Isn’t Qualified For Legal Retainer Financing?

No harm no foul! Because there is no impact on the client’s credit score there is no negative. If you decide you want to offer them financing in-house you can or you can simply tell them that you can’t help them.

Is Legal Retainer Financing Against The Rules Of The Bar Association?

Because the financing is coming from an independent third party, there are no repercussions to your law firm. The fact of the matter is that the client can use the money from the loan for anything which makes it totally compliant with the rules of the bar.

Benefits Of Legal Retainer Financing

1. Your Get Your Money Upfront

Through iQualify Lending, the company that we use at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing, your clients can get as many as 10 loan offers from just one loan application. The client gets to choose the offer that they think meets their needs best and you simply pay a 4.99% transaction fee to facilitate the loan.

2. Bring In More Leads For Your Law Firm

Can you offer potential clients low-cost financing today? With iQualify, you are able to give clients payments for a $5,000 case as low as $150 per month.

3. Close More Cases And Increase Law Firm Revenue

The attorneys that are using our legal retainer financing are closing more cases and the top performers are increasing their annual revenue by six figures.

4. Easy Qualifying And Low Payments

Credit scores as low as 55o are accepted and clients can finance a $5,000 case for as low as $150 per month with zero money down. How many more clients could you bring onboard with options like this?

5. No Recourse

Through iQualify financing, there is a “no recourse” clause to the law firm or attorney and because the funding is done through a third party there are no issues with bar associations.

6. Stand Out From Competition

If you are the only law firm offering easy financing options to your clients it will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Offer User Friendly Payment Options For Your Clients

Through iQualify Lending, you can now offer professional payment plan options for your law firm’s clients. Through your dashboard you are able to easily create and manage payment options that resemble that of a bank or other lending institution which helps to relay the need to pay bills when due to clients.


Legal Retainer Financing For All Areas Of Law

  • Criminal Defense
  • Divorce
  • Family Law
  • Adoption
  • Immigration Law
  • Business Law
  • Tax Law
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Employment Law

Start Increasing Your Laaw Firm’s Revenue Today

Get paid upfront for your legal services by giving your law firm’s clients the ability to finance your fees from iQualify Lending’s lender network. Contact Forward Lawyer Marketing today at (888) 590-9687 or see our page on Legal Retainer Financing to learn how we can help convert more of your leads into retained clients.

To read the American Bar Association’s opinion on endorsing the iQualify Lending Retainer Financing Models, click here.