Benefits of Google’s Responsive Ads

October 17 , 2018 | BY admin

Google’s Responsive Ads For Lawyers

As of January 31st, 2018, Google announced that it will no longer allow Google Display Network (GDN) standard text ads to be created or edited. In light of this news, advertisers started to implement responsive ads for GDN.

A responsive ad simply requires uploading the assets (texts, images, logos, etc.) to GDN, and Google Ads automatically generate ads according to a compatible device and ad space. There are many benefits of using Google responsive ads. Let’s briefly discuss three benefits of incorporating responsive ads in your account.

Increased Reach of Targeted Audience

Responsive ads are designed to automatically adjust and modify in different sizes to fit in the space inside GDN. All you need to do is provide Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords) with relevant ad elements and it will generate your ad with optimal fit.

You may use text, images, and even native ads in responsive ads without worrying about compatibility with different devices. It can be particularly beneficial to increase your reach among smartphone users and provide better exposure to native placements, consequently deriving a more targeted audience on your website.

Cost-effective and Fast Designing Process

Previously, GDN advertisers used to create advertisement banners in different formats and sizes to reach different audiences across the internet. This used to be an extremely daunting, expensive, and time-consuming task requiring a designer to create multiple ad banners.

However, with responsive ads, a designer does not need to go through this tiresome process and is only required to create a single version and Google Ads handle the rest by automatically readjusting the appearance, size, and format to make it compatible with different ad spaces.

Easy Setup Process

Responsive ads have made it extremely simple and easy to set up an advertisement by leveraging smart Google Ads UI. All advertisers need to do is to provide content and images to Google Ads and it takes care of the rest. The ad content may include headline, description, landing page, images, logo, amongst others.

However, advertisers must ensure that they provide images with less than 20% text and in a static format as animated files are not supported by Google Ads.

Final Words

There are many other advantages of Google’s Responsive ads. For instance, they are not only working for static formats but also support dynamic remarketing, allowing you to show personalized content to your target audience by attaching a feed to your marketing campaign.

With a global reach to billions of users around the world, Google Display Network provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote their brands and services. If you are looking to launch a digital advertising campaign for your company, it can be valuable for you to consult a competent law firm marketing company to expand your reach and grow your business.

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