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Pay-Per Opportunity with Forward Lawyer Marketing

Forward Lawyer Marketing offers lead generation services to attorneys and law firms. Not to be confused with attorney referrals, lead generation is an interest-based marketing technique that matches potential clients with lawyers.

This is a popular service, which we offer on a no-obligation, per-opportunity basis. This model is called “pay-per-lead”, and you can buy as many or as few leads as you need to grow your practice. The rest of this article will answer some frequently asked questions on the subject:

  • What is pay-per-lead?
  • Who can use lead generation?
  • Do I need to buy leads for my law office?
  • Where do the leads come from?
  • Do I have to compete for leads?
  • Can you really get clients from buying leads?

What Is Pay-Per-Lead?

Traditional retainer services for lead generation can often be needlessly complex and expensive, especially from agencies that do not understand the legal marketing landscape and how to deliver results to a law firm such as yours. At Forward Lawyer Marketing, we understand that there are many firms out there that may not want to invest a fixed amount each month and are looking for something that is more results-oriented.  Pay-per-lead is an intuitive, efficient model that focuses on your needs as an attorney. It leverages the same methods we use to drive traffic and leads to clients that prefer the ‘traditional’ model, but gives you a predictable lead flow and you only pay when we connect you with a potential client that is searching for the legal services you provide.

Who Can Use Lead Generation?

Many different types of law firms can benefit from a Pay-per-lead model as traditional PPC, Social Media Marketing and other digital marketing strategies are very successful for divorce & family lawyers, injury attorneys, criminal defense law firms and many more.  That being said, it is important to consider the exact regulatory environment that applies to your law firm. We can work with you to determine whether it is ethical and legal for you to purchase leads. Despite some persistent myths, there is no issue whatsoever with this marketing technique in the majority of cases.

Do I Need To Buy Leads for My Law Office?

If you’re expanding, opening a new office or simply looking for new clients, it could be a good idea to buy leads for your law firm to supplement any of your existing marketing efforts through Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, or any other advertising you may be doing for your firm. Quality leads can keep your pipeline full of new potential clients that will help you reach the growth goals you are striving for.

How Do You Generate Leads for a Law Firm?

It is relatively expensive to generate leads for a law firm on an individual basis as it is a highly competitive space. For example, if you were to manage your own PPC campaign, your firm would have to assume all of the associated costs for this including the ad budget, maintaining the website, creating quality landing pages that will convert traffic to opportunities, for example.

As digital marketers in the legal space, we understand how to drive results for your area of practice and will assume all of those costs on your behalf.  We create relevant landing pages based on your practice area and geography that are proven to convert traffic into qualified leads.  Once someone submits their information through any of our custom landing pages, our state-of-the-art lead management system will process the information, running it through 92-point system to ensure quality.  Once it passes that threshold, the lead will be delivered to your email or cell phone via text in real-time.  If you do not have a robust internal follow-up system, you will have the option to plug into our Client Service Team who will systematically follow up with the leads to further qualify them and to set an appointment directly on your calendar.  This service is designed specifically to help generate more quality opportunities for your practice, with the risk shifted away from you, and on to us. This way, you only have to worry about paying when a qualified lead is delivered to you which will take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Forward Lawyer Marketing has developed Legal Locator which is a consumer facing website that houses all of the landing pages we use to generate traffic and leads to the law firms that have opted into this network.

Do I Have To Compete for Leads?

Many lower-quality lead providers will sell your lead to multiple firms, meaning if you don’t contact that lead immediately, there’s a good chance by the time you speak with that lead they’ve already been contacted by 3 or 4 other firms.  With our Pay-per-lead model, you do not have to compete with other firms for the leads you buy from us. Each lead is exclusive to your firm and will never be sold to a competing law firm.

Can You Really Get Clients From Buying Leads?

The fact that we provide this service is testament to the fact that people get clients from buying leads. Forward Lawyer Marketing is using the same methods we have used to generate quality inbound leads to hundreds of clients, but have simply packaged it in a different way to reduce your risk.

Our focus is on quality and converting the leads to opportunities your firm can pursue. This not only means buying unique leads from recent, tightly matched activity, but also implementing a bulletproof process to follow up and nurture these leads. We use the latest technology to track behavior and interest across multiple channels, matching you with the best possible leads. We also have built out an airtight follow up system that you can opt-in to, so that all of the leads are getting the proper attention which will result in more leads to converting into consultations, and ultimately retained clients.

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