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PPC For LawyersPPC for divorce lawyers is a way to get top-of-page placement while working to build organic rankings with search engine optimization. Is it cheating to pay your way to the top of search results? Google doesn’t seem to think so — neither do the other search engines. Google, Bing, Yahoo! and even DuckDuckGo all have paid ads with prime placement. Here’s how it works.

You can buy ads on a pay-per-click basis and show up right on top of the search pages. The catch: these PPC ads are expensive and competitive. However, they’re also highly customizable, and each refinement has the potential to both focus on your target market and reduce your cost.

A Necessary Marketing Tool

PPC for divorce lawyers has become one of the de facto requirements for online legal marketing in family law. In fact, divorce law has some of the most expensive keywords in the entire legal profession.

To stay competitive, you’ll need a detailed strategy, focused testing, quality content, and constant management. That’s what it takes to make your online advertising campaign pay off.

FORWARD Lawyer Marketing Divorce Law Pay-Per-Click Services

FORWARD Lawyer Marketing knows family law PPC. We have experience running these campaigns for many sizes of firms, and our services range from one-off landing page content to complete marketing management with PPC campaign integration.

We are also a certified Google Partner. This credential requires us to re-certify regularly, so you know we’re equipped with the latest technology available.

We can help you decide when and how to use advanced online marketing tools, and how to fit them into your budget. Contact us now, or read on for more information about the following topics:

  • Understanding the value of PPC
  • Choosing your best topic options for PPC campaigns
  • Targeting your practice area or geographical territory
  • Maintaining accountability and oversight
  • Staying within your budget
  • Using high-quality written content
  • Getting the advice you need

Understanding the Value of PPC

The value of PPC is that it can generate quality leads for your family law firm. As you know, a single good divorce lead could mean a lifelong client, a source of referrals, and a sizable fee for your office.

The potential value of a new divorce client is very high. You don’t have to convert many of these leads to clients to see a large return on your advertising investment. Still, when you’re paying a premium for each click, you’ll want to get as many clients to contact you as possible.

Essentially the goal of PPC is converting a searcher into a client. Here are some of the techniques we use:

  • Motivating only potential clients to click your ad
  • Giving people the opportunity to contact you directly at every stage
  • Delivering what people expect after they click
  • Writing motivational content with a strong call to action
  • Providing multiple contact methods on the optimized landing page
  • Reinforcing that your firm’s services match the keywords in the ad campaign
  • Setting a branded tone clients can expect when they contact you

It all boils down to meeting and exceeding potential client expectations. We want to give people everything they need to make the right decision: Choosing your firm to handle their divorce.

Choosing Your Topics

PPC provides enhanced search performance. It shoots you right up to the top of the results page (under Local Services Ads, that is).

Again, there’s a catch. These ads are expensive. Budget constraints would probably dictate that you only run campaigns for a relatively short time, or else for very specific keywords.

These factors — high visibility and high specificity — make PPC advertising a unique and potentially powerful tool for divorce lawyers. It’s usually excellent for the following types of goals:

  • Announcing an event, such as a new partner or a new office
  • Commenting on an event, such as a change in divorce law
  • Taking advantage of time-based increases in search volume, such as around the holidays or the beginning of the workday
  • Targeting a type of case, such as your niche area of practice
  • Targeting a geographical area, such as your neighborhood or town

Your strategy should come from your business goals. These ads can do almost anything — the rules are what you make them.

Targeting Your Practice Area or Geographical Territory

The best PPC campaigns for divorce lawyers focus on very specific goals. Those goals determine everything about the campaign: target locations, times, ad copy, marketing copy, keywords.

One of the most popular examples is targeting geographical areas. You can do this in many different ways while you’re setting up a Google Ads campaign. Here are some of the options:

  • Countries, states, and so on
  • Areas around points of interest
  • A radius around a specific point
  • A group of different locations
  • Sets of predetermined locations

You can also be as specific as you want when you are targeting types of cases. We can customize campaigns for any and all niche areas of divorce law, including:

  • Tax impact of divorce
  • High net-worth asset division
  • Mediation, arbitration, collaborative divorce, and other alternative dispute resolution methods
  • Divorce litigation
  • Uncovering hidden assets
  • International custody, abduction, and other child custody practice areas
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Military divorce
  • Same-sex divorce
  • Adoption and paternity
  • Domestic violence
  • Business division and other complex property division
  • Divorce combined with bankruptcy, personal injury, criminal defense, business litigation, and so on

Details matter. Each of these markets is different, and that’s in addition to the differences in various legal jurisdictions and communities. The ideal PPC ad campaigns are laser-focused to make clients feel like you are speaking right to their needs — whatever those needs happen to be.

Accountability and Transparency

We’re committed to maintaining accountability and transparency in all of our services. We will communicate as much (or as little) as you need to feel you have adequate oversight over your online marketing. This is especially important for PPC.

PPC campaigns generate a large amount of data. Most of it could be useful to your business development plan. However, sorting through even the summary pages on Google Ads can be confusing.
Google PartnerAs Certified Google Partners, we understand all of the jargon Google uses to describe ad activity. We can summarize it and translate it into real-world language. We know what each metric means and how it can inform your future marketing decisions.

As an attorney, you know firsthand how valuable it is to have someone around who understands how to navigate a complex professional practice. We can provide the same type of service you provide for your clients — we can navigate your online marketing data and advise you as to the best possible decisions for your firm.

Integrated Advertising and Marketing Services

At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing, we do much more than PPC. We also handle SEO for divorce lawyers, which is a common complementary strategy. SEO, which stands for “search engine optimization” is a set of best-practices web design techniques to sustainably increase your search ranking.

PPC and SEO are great as a two-pronged approach — instant exposure and long-term rank increase. They also integrate well with our comprehensive family law marketing services:

  • Website design
  • Legal chatbots and live chat
  • Blog marketing
  • Social media management
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Graphics, video, and photography
  • Google My Business and Local Services Ads

Using High-Quality Written Content

PPC for divorce lawyersA PPC campaign has two main parts: Your advertisement and your landing page. Your landing page is ideally a rich, multimedia page on your practice’s website designed specifically for the PPC Marketing campaign.

Apart from being visually engaging, actionable, and well-designed, this page must be written well. It also has to speak directly to the targeted keywords selected and the copy written for your ad.

People who click on PPC ads do not have time to sift through a long list of search results. They are simply picking the first thing that appears and looks credible.

You can reasonably assume that, once they get to your site, these visitors are probably not going to have time to sift through a confusing or indirect article. It is absolutely essential to give your potential client the content you promised in your ad — and to do so in a clear, approachable, and immediate way. Of course, you’ll also want to provide several ways to contact you directly for more information.

Staying Within Your Budget

One of the major challenges of any PPC campaign is maintaining a budget. For example, if you allocate a small amount of money to a very competitive keyword and run the ad nationwide, you probably will not get the results you’re looking for.

These days, artificial intelligence helps you get the most out of your budget — but it still needs some help from some real intelligence. FORWARD Lawyer Marketing has in-house, dedicated staff to design your campaign for minimum cost-per-click and maximum effectiveness.

Getting the Advice You Need

If you’re still on the fence, we would recommend that you do not try a do-it-yourself approach for Google Ads for the legal profession. If you do not get experienced advice and management, we would suggest you forgo using PPC. Done improperly PPC can run through your monthly budget in a day!

The primary reason is that it takes a relatively detailed technical analysis to determine how PPC would fit into your law firm’s business development plan. There are many other reasons to leave this to a professional:

  • It is very easy to throw money away
  • There’s a huge amount of outdated educational information available
  • It’s hard to write engaging ad copy
  • Legal keywords have a sky-high cost per click
  • A click is almost certainly worthless without the right landing content
  • You’ll be going up against firms that pay professional consultants to manage their campaigns

It all adds up to a hostile environment for people who are lawyers first and marketers second. Please contact us at (888) 590-9687 for a consultation and analysis.

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