Why Lawyers Should Hire Law Firm Internet Marketing Professionals 

April 2 , 2021 | BY admin

Law Firm Internet Marketing Professionals

Law Firm Internet Marketing

When beginning to put together a law firm internet marketing plan many lawyers ponder why lawyers should hire law firm internet marketing professionals. Though we will go into many reasons why a law firm should rely on professional internet marketers, the quick answer is yes.

You wouldn’t try to give yourself medical treatment, you probably wouldn’t want to do plumbing work. When it comes to marketing your law firm, it pays to have people that have the knowledge and experience to help you beat your competition.

Here are some of the top reasons to trust your law firm online marketing to internet marketing professionals with experience in internet marketing for lawyers.

Some Agencies Specialize In Internet Marketing For Lawyers

Because of the competitive nature of internet marketing for lawyers, those that specialize in this field must be experienced online marketers specializing in law firms. This includes writing accurate, legally correct, and current content, targeting local search, submitting to the appropriate directories for local citations, SEO, and much more.

So ask yourself honestly, “Do I have ANY idea how to do any of this?” If the answer is no, and I suspect it is, read on.

When it comes to writing content for law firms the writers must be experienced in writing legal content. Our agency uses actual legal scholars with law degrees to write the content for our client’s websites. These writers research current law for the state or jurisdiction in which the attorney practices to be sure that the content is not only accurate but current as well.

They also research information about the local area in order to write descriptions about local landmarks that help in getting higher rankings locally on geographic-specific pages for a particular area of law. We will go deeper into this in the Law Firm Local SEO section below.

Online Marketing For Attorneys Includes Many Aspects

Online marketing for attorneys covers multiple areas including the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization, including SEO driven content and local SEO
  • On-Page and Off-Page SEO
  • Updated and Mobile Friendly website built for Google’s Mobile-First Indexing
  • Maintaining a blog with frequently updated posts
  • Social media management for exposure and reputation management
  • Link building, including internal and external links
  • Correcting technical website errors
  • Making sure websites are compliant with page speed insights

Law Firm Seo And Why It Is Important

Semantic SEOLaw firm SEO covers not only choosing relevant keywords and phrases that your potential clients are searching for but also writing semantically.

This means writing words that the search engines know are related to your main keywords. An easy way to explain this in layman’s terms would be this example.

Let’s say that you writing a page about golf. If you included things like Tiger Woods, putting, teeing off, etc Google would semantically recognize all of these as related to golf.

This is because, BERT, the artificial intelligence that Google uses to emulate native language is getting better and better at seeing related terms.

On-Page SEO includes writing content like that explained above as well as utilizing internal linking to other relevant pages of your website. It also includes external links that explain something you’re writing about or a resource you are referencing.

The link to the explanation of BERT above is an example of an external link. We will continue to go over more aspects of SEO and internet marketing for attorneys in the subheaders below.

Law Firm Local SEO And What It Includes

Law firm local SEO is a distinctly separate aspect of search engine optimization that focuses on local markets. The reason this distinction is important is that there are things that must be done specifically for ranking in local search that are different than ranking nationally or even internationally. Some of these include:

  • Writing targeted geo-specific pages for specific practice areas
  • Google My Business optimizations
  • Building local citations
  • Building local backlinks
  • Optimizing for mobile search

Google really values well-written targeted content but also prefers longer content. A study from SerpIQ charted the top 10 results of search queries by content length and they were all over 2,000Google My Business words. If you are trying to rank an area of your practice for a specific local area it is a local SEO method to write a page specific to that.

Here is an example of a divorce lawyer that ranks on the first page for the term “Naperville Divorce Lawyers” with a 1700 word page. It could be a little longer according to the study but you get the idea.

Many businesses, including law firms, neglect not only to claim their Google My Business pages but also fail to optimize them. Optimizing a Google My Business page includes the business description, services, hours, geotagged and keyword named photos, and posting regular content.

Local Citations And Legal Directories For Lawyers

Local citations help you to increase your local rankings by building links from directories that link businesses in local directories such as Yelp, Yellowpages, SuperPages, MapQuest, etc. Other citations that are specifically important for ranking law firm websites locally include Avvo, Justia, and FindLaw. 

Digital Marketing for Law FirmsLocal backlinks help you to build local authority. This is because Google assumes that if local businesses link to you then you must be a good neighbor and have a good reputation.

One example of this would be a criminal defense attorney we have that links to a bail bond company. He does this not only because he gets a lot of business from people just getting out of jail on bond, but the owner is a personal friend. 

Lastly, in regards to local SEO for lawyers, having a responsive mobile-friendly website is crucial as more and more searches are being done on cellphones. The search results show those businesses that are nearest to the searcher first when on a mobile device. We make sure that not only are our clients’ websites mobile-friendly but also optimized for Google’s new mobile-first indexing.

Blog Marketing For Attorneys

Blog marketing for attorneys consists of doing keyword research using analytics that tells us what potential clients want to know. We use a few tools to do this including Google Analytics and some search emulators that tell us actual questions people are searching for the answers to.

We not only write content answering these questions but some of our attorneys also do live Q&As on Facebook. We then post on their YouTube channels and also transcribe them for writtenremarketing for lawyers content as blog posts.

Blog marketing is important for multiple reasons including providing the information potential clients are searching for that could lead them to your practice, helping to build more links, and increasing authority and reputation. Again, as mentioned above, we utilize legal scholars to write this content to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Social Media Management For Lawyers

Social Media for Law FirmsSocial media management for lawyers is an extremely important aspect of marketing that many law firms overlook. Social media marketing not only helps to build a following and increase exposure it is also important for reputation management.

Many people will specifically rate a law firm on Facebook. If you aren’t managing it properly you won’t even know if someone has given you a bad rating. 

At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing we believe that social media marketing is an aspect of marketing for law firms that cannot be overlooked. This is why we include the following as part of our Social Media Management for Lawyers:

  • Facebook posting and management (Also Paid Facebook Ads)
  • Instagram posting and management
  • Twitter posting and management
  • LinkedIn posting
  • Google My Business posting and management
  • YouTube posting and management

Reputation Management for Lawyers

Stay On Top Of Reviews With Law Firm Reputation Management

We help the lawyers that we work with get more reviews as well as respond to reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more with Law firm reputation management. Reviews are an important factor in ranking with the search engines.  Many people also will not do business with a law firm that has bad reviews. We will work with you to help you to get more reviews if you don’t have many and also help to identify problems if you have bad reviews. Again, reputation management is an aspect of your online marketing strategy that cannot be ignored or left to chance.

Link Building For Lawyers

Link building is another one of those areas of SEO that many people don’t think about. Link building for lawyers is a very specific skillset because link building must be done with much moreLink Building For Lawyers credible sources and websites when building backlinks to an attorney website. Linking from sites that aren’t posting relevant content can harm more than help.

As mentioned above, legal directories are another important aspect of building backlinks for lawyers. We utilize both paid and unpaid sources depending on the budget of the law firm. When we intake a new client we go over all of these aspects with you and help to create a budget that you can afford that will get results.

Another aspect of link building is part of the work our SEO Director oversees and that is internal linking. Internal linking links to relevant pages of your site helps visitors find pages easier and also helps Google better understand your site. 

FORWARD Lawyer Marketing has many years of experience in internet marketing for lawyers nationwide. In addition, our SEO Director has been marketing online for almost 30 years, that’s longer than most people have even been on the internet! When looking for internet marketing professionals for your law firm experience is crucial. Case studies show what we have done for other law firms across the country.

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