Forward Lawyer Marketing is an incredible website development company which goes above and beyond for its clients. I worked directly with Matt Stark, but, I am positive that it was a team effort which produced the amazing work of art which is my website:

This company excels in the area of customer service, responsiveness, balancing the challenge of listening and giving the customer what she or he wants versus informing the client of what she or he actually needs–even if it’s in direct conflict with what s/he wants.

Forward Lawyer Marketing charges an immensely reasonable price for the product they deliver, and unlike other website developers, they are TRULY committed to ensuring the website you receive is EXACTLY what you want. They also flexible payment plans which can extend beyond the completion of the site which demonstrates they’re more than understanding that everyone’s financial situation isn’t always to the place that they can pay everything right up front.

If you are an attorney who is considering getting or updating your existing website, I highly recommend Forward Lawyer Marketing. If possible, please request to work with Matt Stark, but, if he’s unavailable, I trust the rest of the team will make sure to maintain the highest of quality for you as well.