Matt is a superb adviser when it comes to the world of online and digital advertising. I am an attorney who has hired Matt on more than one occasion, both when he worked at LexisNexis and since he started Forward Marketing Chicago. He is not the typical “personal rep” in that he actually listens to your concerns and works tirelessly and promptly to address them. He is straightforward and honest. The landscape of SEO and other forms of digital media is vast and frequently shifting. Most attorneys don’t have the time or knowledge to truly dig in and learn about this increasingly important area of our businesses. Matt does an excellent job of breaking down complex ideas and distilling what is important for his clients to know and understand, ultimately helping them make the best decisions for themselves.

Matt’s system works. Before meeting Matt, I had hired 3 separate SEO companies and interviewed dozens more with little to no results. The best relationship I had was with Matt when he was at LexisNexis, so when he moved on to start his own company I came with him. The results from Forward Marketing Chicago have been even better. Even though I no longer am in private practice, as of this date my old site is still generating traffic and quality leads and is showing up on the first page of Google’s Maps positioning for several key terms in my previous area. Forward Marketing was able to generate that within a month of being hired.