Remarketing Services For Lawyers

FORWARD marketing offers remarketing services which is one of the most powerful advertising techniques that law firms can utilize to enhance their client base through their website. Remarketing is an avenue that enables law firms to re-capture visitors who came to your website but left without contacting the firm. A large percentage of people that visit a website does not make a decision on their first visit. With FORWARD marketing’s remarketing services, you can expect to increase relevant website traffic and conversion rates by remarketing to these visitors. This requires the implementation of specific tracking codes on your website.

Our team of digital marketers has proficiency in providing two types of remarketing services:

  1. Google Remarketing: When a visitor comes to your website, and then goes to another website within Google’s display network, your law firm’s ad will appear on that website’s banner advertisement space.
  2. Facebook Remarketing: When a visitor visits your website and then goes to Facebook, your law firm’s ad starts appearing on that individual’s Facebook feed. You have surely experienced this for yourself. You do a search for a pair of hiking shoes or running shoes, visit a site, and all of a sudden everywhere you go you see ads for hiking or running shoes. That is remarketing at work.

Both of these remarketing mediums help you bring visitors back by displaying your ad again to compel them to visit your website again.

Our Remarketing Services For Lawyers

Our team works in a systematic way to remarket your law firm’s ads and increase the exposure of your website to get you more traffic and as a result, more leads to convert to clients.

  • Strategy Development: Based on your core practice areas, we create a remarketing strategy and select the best platforms for launching the campaign to generate the best outcomes.
  • Creating Ad: Our team will create professional ads with appealing content and design to engage your potential clients to revisit your website.
  • Campaign Management: Our team handles the entire remarketing campaign for you, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on practicing law.
  • Ad Optimization: Based on the results from existing ads, our team constantly works to improve your ads for maximum conversion and ROI.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: We provide monthly reports which include call-tracking data, paid search data, and conversion analytics so that you can see how our remarketing services are benefitting your practice.

Why Use Our Remarketing Services?

At FORWARD marketing, our remarketing services not only benefit you by bringing back visitors to your website but also improve your branding, which enhances customer retention and has a higher chance of conversion. The following are some more reasons as to why you should include our remarketing services in your online marketing campaign:

  • Cost Efficient: Just like PPC, remarketing is a pay-for-performance program that allows you to get in front of an audience that has already engaged in your content.
  • Branding: Our professional ads will build credibility and strengthen your brand image.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Your law firm’s ad is displayed on numerous websites and networks
  • More Traffic: There is a chance that people who saw your remarketing ad save your URL and visit your website later on or search your law firm’s name on Google, which drives more traffic to your website while saving costs on clicks.

If you want to learn more about how FORWARD marketing can help your law firm increase traffic and leads through remarketing, contact us today at (888) 590-9687 for a free consultation.

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