Personal Injury Lawyer SEO And Why It Matters

November 29 , 2021 | BY Matthew Stark

personal injury lawyer SEO

Personal Injury Lawyer SEO

Personal injury lawyer SEO is a specialty within the broader field of law firm SEO. The reason we treat it differently is that there are numerous areas of practice that fall under personal injury law such as:

  • Mass torts and/or class actions
  • Motor vehicle accident injury
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Toxic torts
  • Harassment and assault
  • Premises injury and animal bites
  • Construction accidents
  • Workers’ Compensation law and third-party claims
  • Social Security
  • Aviation and mass transit accidents
  • FELA, Jones Act, and other occupational injuries
  • Medical malpractice and other professional malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Wrongful death

All of these different areas of practice must have optimized quality content in order to rank well in the search results, this requires diligence, expertise, and consistency. Attorneys don’t have time to devote to this nor do they have the in-depth knowledge that an SEO professional specializing in personal injury lawyer SEO has. At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing law firm marketing is all we do. Here are some of the services we provide to law firms just like yours nationwide:

  • Site audits
  • Website design and performance tracking
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Google Ads and other PPC ad campaigns
  • Video, photography, graphic and written content production
  • Blog marketing for lawyers
  • Google My Business, Local Service Ads, and Yelp
  • Phone call tracking and management
  • Remarketing on Facebook and elsewhere
  • Social media management
  • Chatbots and live chat
  • Leads for lawyers

Complete Website Audits

In addition to running complete site audits, we also offer a free SEO site audit tool. For the complete site audits, we check your site structure, page speed, backlinks, and more to determine a successful path forward. We also check your competitors to discover things that we can do that will help you outrank them in your area.

Website Design For Law Firms

Website design is a crucial aspect of an overall law firm marketing plan. Not only is an outdated website design unattractive to potential clients in today’s mobile-first indexing environment it is crucial. If a website is not “responsive” or mobile-friendly, it will impact rankings. Our website developers specialize in custom web design for lawyers and we will work with you to build a beautiful website that represents your firm in the best light.

Performance Tracking

We also build performance tracking into everything we do. If you don’t have data to analyze you don’t know what is working and what is not working. By employing proper performance tracking you know where to invest more and where not to spend money.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO involves many different areas requiring both technical expertise as well as creativity in content writing and evaluating the aesthetics of each page. In addition to writing quality content, attention must be devoted to internal and link building. Internal link building involves linking to relevant content within one’s own website, while external linking involves linking to authoritative content that is relevant and helpful.

Local SEO For Lawyers

Local SEO is a must for the vast majority of law firms, if not all. There may be a handful of firms that are completely nationwide but for most law firms, optimizing for their local area is crucial. What makes local SEO unique is that content is written to emphasize specific geographic areas. A good example would be one like this one for one of our personal injury lawyers in Louisville.

Paid Advertising

We employ a variety of paid advertising campaigns for the law firms we work with including Google Ads, Bing, and Facebook. These types of ads, also known as PPC or pay-per-click, can be very expensive if you aren’t adept at it. An inexperienced person can burn through a month’s ad budget in less than a day! What’s great about running ad campaigns like these is that done properly they can give you instant leads and keep your acquisition costs in line.

Content Production

At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing, we have legal scholars with many years of experience that write quality relevant content for our law firm clients. We also offer photography, videography, and graphic design services.

Blog Marketing For Lawyers

Blogging on a consistent basis is one of the most important factors in SEO. One of the law firms we work with has doubled their revenue in the last year. One of the biggest components of their law firm marketing plan is blogging weekly along with a weekly Facebook Live that we then post on YouTube and convert the video into written content for his blog as well.

Google My Business

Google My Business was recently changed to “Google Business Profile. Claiming, optimizing, and regular posting on Your Google My Business page is one of the best things you can do to drive traffic and phone calls. We have clients that receive hundreds of calls a month just from their GMB pages! We will personally optimize your GMB page, upload high-quality geotagged photos, post new content on a consistent basis, and even manage reviews for you.

Phone Call Tracking

Tracking phone calls is crucial to identify what areas of your marketing are successful and what areas are not. We utilize a call tracking software that not only tracks where the calls come from but also records the conversation as well.


The majority of people do not choose to do business with a particular company or law firm upon their first visit to your website. This is where remarketing steps in. With remarketing, we can identify visitors to specific pages and follow them around on Facebook and other platforms and keep your law firm in front of them. You’ve likely experienced this yourself many times. You go to a website and look at some shoes, then go on Facebook and see ads for shoes over and over. That is a result of remarketing.

Social Media Management

Our social media management team can handle every aspect of your social media for you. From Facebook and Instagram posting to Google My Business and Twitter, we do it all. We can also notify you when you get comments and reviews so you can give a personalized response.

Chatbots and Live Chat

Almost all of our law firm clients utilize live chat and some utilize chatbots as well to kind of pre-qualify prospects or send them to the right place to get the information they are seeking. This technology can help you to convert more prospects into actual paying clients.

Contact FORWARD Lawyer Marketing

Let us help you with your personal injury lawyer SEO or with any other area of practice. At FORWARD Lawyer Marketing we believe in taking a “leave no stone unturned” approach when it comes to our legal clients. With that in mind, we employ extremely experienced people in the industry.

Our SEO Director has been marketing online for well over two decades and oversees all SEO tasks including editing content and performing on-page optimization as well as internal and external linking. Our specialty is law firm marketing and SEO for lawyers at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing, call us at (888) 590-9687 to discuss how we can increase the revenue of your law firm.