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December 14 , 2022 | BY admin

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While operating your law firm, a lot of time and energy is spent fighting for your clients. Advocating for your legal clients is your most critical task, but there is far more to running a profitable law firm than that. You must also engage in lawyer marketing daily to continue a stream of new legal leads.

However, your legal staff may not possess the marketing expertise to do it well. With a law firm marketing expert, you can increase your legal leads and stay on top. Learn about the following law firm marketing strategies, then contact our lawyer marketing team at (888) 590-9687 for assistance.

Why Do You Need Expert Law Firm Marketing?

Some estimate that up to 96% do online searches to find a good lawyer in their area. Will your website come up when a prospect puts their legal search into Google in your city? If not, it will be challenging to keep enough leads coming in. Referrals are rarely enough to keep your legal doors open! You need to do more, and here is how:

Build A User-Friendly Website

A good legal website is the best advertisement for your law firm. If you still need a website, it is time to build one. If you already have a site, you should review it to ensure it is as user-friendly as you can make it.

A strong legal website should be easy to navigate and scan. It should convey your legal brand and offer several ways for prospects to contact you. The website should have sections for all of your legal specialties and a blog where people can find answers to common legal questions. Remember, people come to your site to find answers to their legal questions as well as learn about you. If you answer their questions successfully, they are much more likely to initiate contact.

If your legal staff is not tech-savvy, it is wise to hire a skilled web designer to build a site that will impress your clients. Remember, your site is a 24/7 virtual business card and is how you can give clients and prospects important information at all times.

Optimize Your Law Firm Web Pages

Effective SEO is one of the most critical tools that your law firm should rely on to increase your legal leads. You need to design and maintain a website with SEO best practices in mind. A strong SEO strategy ensures that your site pages turn up high in Google’s search results for critical keywords.

Remember, at least 75% of people searching Google do not go to page two of the search results. That means it is vital that your website cracks the page-one results. Some of the most essential SEO tactics to focus on in legal marketing are:

  • Carefully researching target keywords with the Google Keyword Planner. Focus on keywords that offer high conversion potential. For instance, focusing on ‘Chicago attorney’ on your site pages will be expensive because of high competition. But ‘Chicago car crash whiplash lawyer’ could be cheaper.
  • Doing page optimization that increases the page loading speed. People who need to wait several seconds for a page to load get impatient and go elsewhere. Avoid this issue by increasing page load speed.
  • Use SEO-friendly metatags focused on critical keywords you want to rank for.
  • Link-building to authoritative websites that will build reader and search engine credibility.
  • Optimizing your website content with desirable keywords.

Ensuring your website is optimized for SEO is vital to your law firm’s marketing success. Whether you want to do your SEO marketing yourself or hire a digital marketing firm, employing best practices for SEO will bring more leads to your law firm.

Capitalize On Social Media

Social media is not just a place to stay in touch with old friends or share cat videos. Social media is an essential marketing and public relations tool for legal websites. There are many important social media channels to choose from, and you should only try to dominate some of them. Instead, select a few that you think your audience uses the most. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are three of the most popular. Make a weekly habit of posting social media updates on these channels.

For example, if you write a blog post about critical factors in a car accident settlement, you can pull out two or three of the highlights and make it a Facebook post. Remember to use a high-quality image in the post, too. You can even ask questions of your audience related to the post, such as if they have ever had a car accident settlement before. Anything you can do to engage with your audience with social media marketing in your expertise is an opportunity to market your services.

Remember Voice Search Optimization

More people are performing searches by voice today. It is becoming a major traffic driver in many fields, including law. When searchers ask voice questions on their phones, you want your site to give them legal answers.

Voice search optimization is still relatively new but will get bigger in the coming years. So make sure your site is ready! For example, if someone asks Google, ‘how much can I get for my car crash settlement in Illinois?’ your site should provide a succinct answer.

Leverage Your Google Business Profile

Google Business provides companies with a free profile that lists them in local search results. Your Google Business profile will show up when people do organic searches for attorneys in your city, so making the listing as good as possible is essential.

Your Google Business listing offers people seeking legal help important information about your firm, including name, address, hours of operation, phone number, and website. This handy profile also lists recent reviews, which offers prospects social proof that you are the one to hire.

Use Local SEO

Legal clients usually search for attorneys in their city. For instance, if your law firm is in Chicago near Michigan Avenue and State Street, optimizing your site for the Windy City is essential. If your site does not rank highly for Chicago-based visitors, you may lose out on legal traffic. Therefore, your SEO should focus on local results as much as possible.

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

At least 80% of Americans have smartphones. About 75% use mobile devices to search for products and services. People love their phones, and at least 50% are less likely to engage with your site if they have a poor website experience. So, your site should be built from the start for mobile devices. Google PageSpeed Insights lets you quickly track how long your pages load on popular devices.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing has existed for decades, but it is still effective, especially with the ‘soft sell’ technique. Most of us are more immune to hard-sell email tactics today but use your website to encourage visitors to sign up for your e-newsletter. Then, send regular legal updates and advice to your email list.

Email campaigns also are effective for working with referrals and past clients. Offer regular updates to past clients and those they recommend to you.

Engage With Content Marketing

Pay-per-click ads bring in new leads but can be expensive if that is most of your legal marketing strategy. Content marketing can be done daily to build a consistent stream of organic legal traffic. Valuable legal content can transform your business into a local legal thought leader. For example, when people need a personal injury attorney in Chicago, a consistent content strategy can build your search ranking and brand.

Remember to keep your legal blog current, with original content posted at least once or twice weekly. Research common legal questions in your community by searching Google. When you see an answer that is not as precise as your answer, create a new blog post about it.

Next, leverage your new blog posts on social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. Your legal content can do double the work when you post snippets on other websites.

Embrace Law Firm Video Marketing

As you create legal content for your website, embrace video. Video marketing is becoming more popular and valuable for attorneys. Many consumers are more likely to watch videos than blogs. Also, using a video humanizes your attorneys and makes them relatable.

There are many shapes and sizes of videos, such as an animated explanation video that breaks down critical legal concepts, attorney videos answering frequently asked questions, and testimonials from satisfied clients. Use videos on your website, emails, and social media accounts, especially YouTube and Facebook.


Using the best lawyer marketing strategies is the key to keeping your clients and attracting new ones. The expert legal marketing strategies we highlighted here are the perfect way to get started. However, many law firms lack the time and expertise to execute a legal marketing plan flawlessly. The lawyer marketing experts at FORWARD Lawyer Marketing can help you craft an effective legal marketing strategy to keep those legal leads flowing. So please contact our marketing professionals today at (888) 590-9687.